George Conway Suggests Trump 'Might' Need to Be Impeached Again


Republican lawyer George Conway believes President Donald Trump “might” need to be impeached again after he removed two impeachment witnesses from their positions. 

In an op-ed published in The Washington Post on Monday, Conway — a vocal critic of the president — suggested that Trump was almost “competing” for the “ignominious fate” of being impeached for a second time. 

On Feb. 7, Trump removed Lieutenant Colonel Alexander Vindman and Ambassador to the European Union Gordon Sondland, who both testified in the impeachment inquiry, from their posts.

After Trump removed Vindman from the National Security Council (NSC), he tweeted that Vindman was “insubordinate” and “reported contents of my ‘perfect’ calls incorrectly.”

Conway claimed that tweet shows Trump removed Vindman from the NSC in retaliation for his testimony in the House’s impeach inquiry. 

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He continued to argue that if Trump was impeached in the House for obstruction of Congress “then there should be no doubt that punishing witnesses for complying with subpoenas and giving truthful testimony about presidential misconduct should make for a high crime or misdemeanor as well.”

Additionally, Conway said that Trump’s “narcissism won’t allow him to put anyone else’s interests above his own, including the nation’s.” 

He also claimed Trump has and will continue to put his personal interests ahead of those of the country. 

“And he will do it again. He did do it again by firing the Vindmans and Sondland. He’s telling us he will do it again. And no one can seriously doubt it, even those who voted to acquit.”

“We have had three years of Trump’s use of presidential power for vindictive ends,” Conway said before listing a series of incidents where Trump allegedly used the office of the president to retaliate against his rivals.

“And he’ll only get worse. Narcissistic leaders such as Trump always do. As we’ve now seen, his rage leads to retribution and misconduct, which beget more criticism, and more investigation and even more rage, retribution, and misconduct. Over and over again,” he added. 

Finally, Conway suggested that “we might, indeed, have to” impeach Trump again. Some House Democrats previously suggested that if the Senate acquitted Trump, they might launch a second impeachment inquiry. 

After Trump removed Vindman, and his twin brother Yevgeny, from the NSC, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) claimed it was “retaliation” for testifying against Trump in the impeachment probe.

However, National Security Advisor Robert O’Brien reportedly had been planning on cutting NSC staff “to bring it back to a size that’s manageable and efficient.”

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Sen. Marco Rubio (R-Fla.) also noted on Twitter that Vindman “was not ‘fired’ he’s still an Army officer.”

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