Conway Pressed on Trump's Claim About Children and COVID-19: 'Kids Are Getting This Disease, Kellyanne'


White House counselor to the president Kellyanne Conway was pressed about President Donald Trump’s recent claim suggesting children are “almost immune” from coronavirus, as the host presented the latest statistics that prove otherwise.

During an appearance on Fox News’ “American Newsroom” Thursday, host Sandra Smith noted the ongoing debate, as he pointed to statistics showing confirmed cases in children under the age of 18 is currently 7.4%.

“I want to put up the latest CDC numbers on coronavirus cases in children under the age of 18,” Smith said to Conway.

She continued, “Under 18 accounts for about 7.4% of confirmed cases. That is up 6.7% from 2 weeks ago and up nearly 6% from a month ago. So kids are getting this disease, Kellyanne.”

When asked about the statistics, Conway pivoted and opted to focus on the severity of the confirmed cases.

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“Yes, they are, and thankfully most never make it to a hospital and very few have died. Every death is a tragedy. Every single one, let me make very clear,” Conway responded. “But those are national numbers and not every state or even county or school district is the same.”

See Conway’s remarks below:

Conway was also asked if it is “helpful for the president to tell parents that children are nearly immune from this and have it factually spreading child to child in places like Mississippi where they’ve opened their schools.”

The counselor to the president claimed the president typically relies on “the New Jersey example information he got from Gov. Phil Murphy” when making assertions about children and the coronavirus.

Referencing one child under 18 with underlying conditions that passed away in New Jersey, Conway said, “I think the president is making clear that overall the average age of those who passed from coronavirus is still at about 78. Over 40% of those who passed away were in longterm facilities or nursing homes.”

Not deterred, Smith noted Trump’s claims on Wednesday during his “Fox & Friends” interview when he insisted yet again that the virus “is going away.” Smith asked if the president is disregarding health experts’ advice.

Despite the president’s claims about children, many school districts that have reopened are already feeling the impact of coronavirus as students and faculty members have already been placed on quarantine due to outbreaks.

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