Kellyanne Conway Takes Aim at Harris: 'Would Love To Hear From' Her on Situation for Afghanistan Women


Kellyanne Conway, who served as counselor to the president under former President Donald Trump, is criticizing Vice President Kamala Harris amid concerns that women in Afghanistan will see a regression of their rights.

Conway shared a tweet from NBC News that read, “Afghan women fear a ‘dark’ future’ and loss of rights as the Taliban gains ground.”

She wrote, “Would love to hear from the ‘First Woman Vice President’ on how her reckless, naive actions will cause most harm to Afghan women.”

“And from the rest of the ‘pro-women’ ‘feminists,'” Conway added.

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Harris made history last year when she became the first woman to be elected vice president.

On Sunday, the Taliban took control of Kabul, Afghanistan, the nation’s capital.

As of Monday morning, Harris had not publicly commented on the unfolding situation in Afghanistan.

As NBC News reports, there are concerns that “a return to Taliban rule will also spell a return to its austere and harsh interpretation of Islam, which long severely restricted women’s rights until the U.S.-led toppling of the regime in 2001.”

The outlet shared some details of what life looked like for women in Afghanistan under Taliban rule before 2001:

“Under the Taliban’s former regime, girls were blocked from attending school, while women were largely barred from appearing in public without full body coverings and male escorts.

Those who violated the Taliban’s rules faced flogging in public and execution.”

While the Taliban said it would allow women to participate in public life, Fawzia Koofi, a women’s rights activist, told NBC she believes there is a “dark” future for women in the country.

On Friday, Molly Montgomery, the deputy assistant secretary of Europen and Eurasian Affairs at the State Department, tweeted, “Woke up with a heavy heart, thinking about all the Afghan women and girls I worked with during my time in Kabul. They were the beneficiaries of many of the gains we made, and now they stand to lose everything. We empowered them to lead, and now we are powerless to protect them.”

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She later deleted the comment, as IJR reported.

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