Crowd Boos After Biden Says 3 Words About Trump They Cannot Stand


President Joe Biden can appear confused or lost during interviews and various events.

But one thing he is not confused about is the idea that could keep him in the White House for a second term: former President Donald Trump returning to power.

During an event to unveil his budget for the 2024 fiscal year on Thursday, Biden said, “You may remember that I had a big fight with the former president.”

He added three words about Trump as he said, “Maybe future president.”

The crowd booed following his comment.

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“Bless me, Father,” Biden joked.

Watch the moment below:

When Biden won the Democratic presidential primary in 2020, it was not because he excited the progressives as a self-proclaimed “democratic socialist” with an ambitious agenda. There was already one of those candidates.

And it was not because he was Black, a member of the LGBT community, a woman, or all three.

No, it was because he was seen as the candidate best able to beat Trump — which he did.

But during his first two years in office, his approval rating hovered in the low 40s and even high 30s. And Democrats have expressed concern he is too old to run for re-election.

However, if the 2024 presidential primary continues the way polls appear to show it is moving, and Trump regains his popularity and wins the party’s nomination, Biden may have his key to re-election.

Democrats, women, and minority voters have such a visceral reaction to Trump they would probably be willing to vote for someone again whose policies they may not like just to keep him from winning office again.

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The argument for Biden would be, “You may not like his policies. You may not like him personally or think he’s too old. But he is the only thing preventing a second Trump term. And you don’t want that do you?”

Biden would probably love nothing more than to run against Trump, especially after how the 2022 midterm elections turned out.

He may seem out of it sometimes. But you have to admit, he understands the power of the negative reaction to Trump and knows how to wield it to his advantage.

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