Ted Cruz Sets Liz Cheney Straight With Perfect Response After She Tried To Attack Him


Someone should have told Rep. Liz Cheney that it’s okay to accept defeat and just slink away with her last shred of dignity.

Instead, the Wyoming Republican, who lost to opponent Harriet Hageman by nearly 40 points in the state’s GOP primary last month, is still busy attacking her colleagues despite the decisive defeat she was handed for doing just that.

After siding with Democrats in the Jan. 6 show trial and continually hammering fellow Republicans, including former President Donald Trump, Cheney has pigeonholed herself as a turncoat to those on the right and another useful idiot to the left.

But even while quickly fading into obscurity, Cheney reflexively took an unnecessary swipe at fellow Republican Sen. Ted Cruz — and she paid dearly for it.

“Understanding @tedcruz isn’t difficult. He lacks principle and has always been a chameleon who will say anything, anytime,” Cheney tweeted Tuesday about the Texan.

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“He thinks he’s so smart no one can see through him. Ted, we can. All of us can,” she proclaimed.

Rather than spar with Cheney and give her the attention she was clearly craving, Cruz replied with a concise message served up in a GIF.

Do you think Ted Cruz has a good sense of humor?

“I don’t think about you at all,” the graphic reads with the dismissive line uttered in a scene from “Mad Men” where Don Draper, played by Jon Hamm, delivered the kill shot.

Though it wasn’t immediately clear why she decided to take this shot — except that she’s like a cornered rat who’s just desperately thrashing around now — Cheney’s tweet came hours after a video of Cruz that was supposed to be a “gotcha” made its rounds on Twitter, HuffPost pointed out.

In what looks like a hidden video clip, Cruz talks about the need for a “complete housecleaning” at the FBI after the raid on Trump’s residence — and Cruz later owned every word of it in a social media reply.

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“Leftie twitter is gonna lie—it’s what they do—but every word I said is true: – the FBI’s raid was a horrific ‘abuse of power’; – there needs to be ‘a complete housecleaning’ at FBI; – we need ‘real oversight’ from Congress,” Cruz doubled down.

“All absolutely true!” Cruz wrote.

To those on the right witnessing the agency’s conduct up to and including the raid, Cruz is expressing exactly the sentiments Republicans are grappling with right now.

(Perhaps Cheney deserves a pass — after all, her political demise demonstrates that she clearly has no idea what actual Republicans think.)

Cheney was also savaged by others who not-so-gently reminded the beleaguered politician of her deep failings and pathetic political fate.

Unfortunately, Cheney’s deep-seated Trump Derangement Syndrome has clouded her judgment and driven her to self-harm in the political sphere.

As the left likes to say, Cheney needs to “do the work” to evolve and heal from this condition — at least she will have plenty of time to do just that now that her political career is decidedly over, at least for the moment.

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