'The Daily Show' Takes Aim at Harris With Brutal 'Veep' Montage


The writers at “The Daily Show” are taking aim at Vice President Kamala Harris with a brutal comparison to a fictional character.

On Monday night, the show’s Twitter account wrote, “The Veep reboot looks amazing.”

It shared a montage from HBO’s comedy “Veep,” about Selina Meyer, a vice president constantly tripped up by bizarre word salads as she struggles to utter deep, coherent thoughts off the cuff — or even with a scripted speech.

“Words have many meanings, and sometimes instead of conveying our meaning, they can suggest other meanings,” Meyer says at the start.

The video then cuts to Harris, saying, “When we talk about the children of the community, they are the children of the community.”

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In another clip, Meyer says, “We are the United States of America because we are united and we are states.”

It then shows Harris declaring, “We got to take this stuff seriously, as seriously as you are because you have been forced to have to take it seriously.”

After Harris’ “seriously” comment, the montage shows a clip of Meyer talking about obesity.

“Obesity is a serious disease. And it needs to be taken seriously,” Meyer says.

Do you think this is a good comparison?

Watch the video below:

The video winds down with Meyer declaring, “I hope that clarifies the issue, and this can be the last word on those words.”

And it ends with a clip of Harris telling an interviewer “certain issues are just settled,” but adding, “We are living sadly in real unsettled times.”

Since Harris made history as the first female vice president, there have been a lot of comparisons to “Veep.”

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Most recently, the comparison was made after she accidentally said the United States has an alliance with North Korea.

Perhaps the similarities would not have been so striking if “Veep” was a new show and was at least loosely based on Harris. But it first aired in 2012, nearly a decade before she assumed the office, and almost seems prophetic.

Unfortunately, we have a president who asks where a dead Congresswoman is and a vice president who seems to be ripped straight from the minds of the writers at HBO.

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