‘I Am Outraged’: DC Bishop Expresses Distaste With Trump’s Visit to St. John’s Church

Rev. Mariann Edgar Budde “just can’t believe” what her eyes “had seen” — and not in a good way — with President Donald Trump’s appearance at the D.C. church.

Prior to the president’s walk from the White House to the historic St. John’s Episcopal Church, police fired off tear gas to scatter protestors — which stirred up criticism for the “photo op” for the president.

At the church, Trump delivered brief remarks and held up a Bible.

The church, known as the “Church of the Presidents,” was damaged this week as protests continued to escalate over the death of George Floyd.

However, during an interview with CNN on Monday, Budde expressed disapproval with Trump’s appearance outside the church on Monday evening.

“I am outraged,” Budde said.

“The president did not pray when he came to St John’s nor, as you just articulated, did he acknowledge the agony of our country right now — in particular, that of the people of color in our nation who wonder if anyone ever–anyone in public power will ever acknowledge their sacred worth and who are rightfully demanding an end to 400 years of systemic racism and white supremacy in our country. […] We distance ourselves from the incendiary language of this President.”

She also shared that she had “no idea” that Trump would be coming to the church. The bishop then slammed Trump as she said he was part of the “abuse of sacred symbols.”

Watch the video below:

“I feel that the soul of our nation is at stake right now and we need moral leadership,” Budde later said. “And we also need … moral leadership. We also need political leadership.”


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  2. The way he is holding that Bible makes it so clear he is desecrating religion while standing in front of a church. What a selfish, shameless human being.

  3. Well, he’s got the art of pandering down. Stand in front of a church with a Bible, get a few shots of some different poses, and call it a night. Make sure you make all the Christians happy, because if they see a Bible in your hand in front of a church, they know that you’re on their side. It might even be enough to get them to all wear his “number” on their foreheads at the next rally. MAGA!

  4. And leadership is exactly what Pres. Trump is doing, unfortunately malcontents and those worshiping at the altar of the professional grievance industry are intentionally making that job harder. The president can go anywhere he wants to, who is this so-called bishop that voices disapproval and says that Pres. Trump did not pray, how the hell does she know?
    The so-called peaceful protesters are providing cover for Antifa anarchy groups in common street thugs to infiltrate and instigate mayhem. The governors and mayors of these Democrat controlled states and cities are enabling these well-funded and organized domestic terror organizations to have free reign of the city’s as the policy of appeasement emboldens these thugs rioting, beatings of innocent citizens and police officers, looting and arson is laid squarely at the doorstep of these Democrat governors and mayors!

    1. How true! He could have been praying in his mind, while his mouth spoke words of self-praise and calls to vigorous police action. He is, after all, a genius, the likes of which we rarely see. As I read in an editorial today, most politicians cowardly engage in pouring oil on troubled waters, but Trump has the courage to set that oil on fire!

      I’d like to point out, if you don’t mind, what I see to be a flaw in the rest of your argument: no mayor, no governor, wants riots or looting or personal violence in their districts. There’s just no motivation that a rational man can imagine for that.

  5. Only a completely heartless, mindless, soulless, anti-human asshole ATTENTION WHORE, as is trumplethinskin, would pull a stunt like this.

    Once again THE TYRANT TODDLER demonstrated that no obscenity is beneath him as he portrayed a non existent and unconstitutional unity of church and state to manipulate his idiot asshole apologists, enablers, and supporters.

    1. At the moment, the only reason that I can fathom for His Majesty doing this, and at this time, would be to keep the Christian nationalists and the evangelicals onboard.

      Somebody put him up to putting on this show.

      1. In his FASCIST rant in the Rose Garden before the self important simp pulled this bullshit stunt, he gave a nugget of pure evil by stating that ” your 2nd amendment rights will be protected.”

        The protests have NOTHING to do with 2nd amendment rights.

        This was a dog whistle to far right wing militias crying for civil war to take up arms and provide the reason, Insurrection to overthrow the government, for suspending the Posse Comitatus Act and deploy the Army on US soil to quell it.

        Will military leaders deploy their troops on US soil if ordered to by this FASCIST TRAITOR ?

        1. Dogwhistle indeed.

          As for the military, the leadership, there are a lot who disagree with him and his tactics, but they will likely go along, for a while. How far remains to be seen.

          As for the rank and file, there a ton of MAGA idiots and white nationalists, but the decent human beings will go along, too, for a while. That’s what they do.

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