Dem Lawmaker Says People Can See The 'Spin' That Biden Is Putting on His Statements About Inflation


Rep. Elissa Slotkin (D-Mich.) spoke critically about President Joe Biden on Friday when discussing record inflation.

According to Mediaite, Slotkin, a member of the House Homeland Security Committee and former CIA analyst, told CNN that people can “feel and see” the “spin” Biden and other Democrats are giving in statements about inflation

The Wall Street Journal reported on Wednesday that new statistics showcased that inflation in America has reached an unprecedented 40-year high, with consumer prices rising to 9.1%.  

Slotkin was asked Friday on CNN if the White House is taking enough responsibility on the inflation issue. She answered that Democrats have not been clear about what lies ahead. 

The Democratic lawmaker said, “I think that what I would like to see is sort of what is the path? Help light us forward so that we know that maybe it won’t be fixed tomorrow, but we know the sort of road we’re on to getting back to our normal pricing.”

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Slotkin went on to call out Democrats, accusing the White House of “spin.”

“I’m from Michigan, right? We’re just kind of straight about what’s going on, and I think people can feel and see the spin, and I don’t think they like it,” she said.

The Democratic lawmaker continued, “I think what we need to be saying is, look, we know that salaries, you know, increases in people’s pay are not keeping up with inflation. So, when you’re sitting around the kitchen table at night, your kids have gone to bed, and you’re trying to figure out how much money is coming in and how much is going out, those math equations are not looking great right now for the majority, at least, in my state.”

She added:

“So I want to be just straight about that, and then I want to say, ‘Here’s the plan. Here’s the path.’ And even if it’s six months, it’s a longer-term thing, just — I want to be transparent because people know this is a problem. We shouldn’t try to pretend it’s not.”

According to CNN, Biden said that although the statistics were “unacceptably high,” they were “out-of-date.”

The president added they could not be accurate because they did not take into account the easing of prices in commodities such as wheat and the falls in gasoline costs.

Although improvements could occur next month, inflation prices will likely remain elevated for a while yet, according to CNN.

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