Disney Composer to Remake 'Little Mermaid' Songs to Promote Consent and Female Empowerment


The composer of Disney’s live-action remake of “Little Mermaid” revealed how he plans to change the original songs.

In an interview with Vanity Fair on March 31, Alan Menken, who also composed the original songs, spoke about changing the lyrics to the song “Kiss the Girl” to promote consent between Ariel and Prince Eric in the movie.

“There are some lyric changes in ‘Kiss the Girl’ because people have gotten very sensitive about the idea that [Prince Eric] would, in any way, force himself on [Ariel],” Menken said.

In the original lyrics, Prince Eric was encouraged to kiss Ariel without asking her first, according to Fox News.

Menken also told Vanity Fair how he plans to change another original song to teach young girls how to speak up for themselves.

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“We have some revisions in ‘Poor Unfortunate Souls’ regarding lines that might make young girls somehow feel that they shouldn’t speak out of turn, even though Ursula is clearly manipulating Ariel to give up her voice,” he said.  

In the original song, Ursala told Ariel “it’s much preferred for ladies not to say a word,” on land and “the men up there don’t like a lot of blabber,” per Fox News.

During Wednesday’s episode of “The View,” co-host and actress Whoopi Goldberg approved of Menken’s creative decision.

“If you’re the songwriter and you have daughters, and you’re a songwriter who says, ‘You know what, these are not feeling like the songs I want kids singing now. I need to make some adjustments’ — I’m glad he did it,” she said.  

Co-host Alyssa Farrah Griffin gave a different perspective on updating the lyrics for “Poor Unfortunate Souls,” stating people aren’t supposed to take Ursala’s advice “to the bank” because she’s “the bad guy.”

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