‘Disown Them:’ Biden Criticizes Sanders for Supporters’ Online Attacks

Former U.S. Vice President Joe Biden on Saturday criticized the conduct of online supporters of Senator Bernie Sanders, saying his rival for the Democratic nomination for president has “some accountability.”

Biden, in an interview with NBC’s “Meet the Press,” waded into a spat between Sanders supporters and leaders of The Culinary Union, a powerful labor group in Nevada that has been critical of the senator’s healthcare proposals. Nevada holds the next nominating contest in the Democratic presidential primary.

“He may not be responsible for it but he has some accountability,” Biden said in the interview that will air on Sunday morning. “If any of my supporters did that, I’d disown them. Flat disown them. The stuff that was said online, the way they threatened these two women who are leaders in that Culinary Union. It is outrageous.”

Biden has watched his standing in opinion polls slide as Sanders has risen to secure front-runner status.

The Culinary Workers Union said supporters of Sanders “viciously” attacked the organization via Twitter, text, voicemail and direct messaging after the union criticized the senator’s universal healthcare plan on Tuesday.

Sanders, in turn, called for an end to all online harassment, but stopped short of acknowledging that the attacks were coming from his supporters.

Instead, Sanders suggested in an interview on “PBS NewsHour” on Thursday that the attacks might be coming from people posing as his supporters.

“And I’m not so sure, to be honest with you, that they are necessarily part of our movement,” Sanders said.

(Reporting by Ginger Gibson, Editing by Rosalba O’Brien)

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  1. Joe B: “Dis- own them”.

    Sounds like a good idea for you to do with your loser, crack addicted, whore effing son. Oh wait, he’s giving pops, “hairy legs” Biden kick backs via Ukraine and China. Never mind.

    I’d feel sorry for poor SOB, Joe Biden, but he’s effed so many others in the name of politics, I figure what comes around, goes around.

  2. Looks like the long winded, arrogant, know-it-alls are out today with too much time on their hands. Might IJR consider charging by the word for Phylliphilis and Generally Confused?

    1. ….or at provide them spitshields for their keyboards and drool bibs.

      Perhaps the best response to them is to ignore them. Phil especially requires a TLDR. I admit loving to wind her up, but she apparently has too much time on her hands by spreading deliberate lies like a Dimocrat would and goading her. She’s too easy.

      Like the Genital, she ain’t as smart as she thinks she is. After all, both vote Dimocrat.

      1. “she apparently has too much time on her hands by spreading deliberate lies like a Dimocrat” I Ching

        You have some explaining to do.

        First, how do you know that Phyllis is a Democrat?

        Secondly, prove that she lies. I have never seen her “lie” on IJR, so I await your proof because I want to know how to defend myself from her lies, if they really exist.

        1. General, you have been on IJR’s site long enough to know that Screw considers a “lie” any information that he can’t emotionally handle. If you ask for proof, he will tell you I said Mexico is not paying for the wall, China isn’t paying for the import tariffs, the Mueller Report cites 140 instances of Trump campaign contacts with Russians and over TEN instances of Trump obstructing justice. YOU know that is correct—HE knows that is correct—He repeatedly called me a liar for correcting his assertion that Vindman was not active military. Since the DOD reassigned him after Trump fired him from the WH NSC, pretty hard to explain how Vindman IS NOT still active military.

          1. SyPhyllis, I point out your lies nearly daily. You response, ““

            For someone so committed to your BS, you sure do scatter for a safe hiding place when I shine the light of truth on your BS.

            I notice that you exhibit that same behavior with ST, too.

          2. SyPhyllis, you are SO wrong on so many counts of your claim that it’s actually funny.

            You accuse President Trump of conflicts of interest with Russia, NONE of which were verified in Mueller’s report, yet you support Bloomberg. I’m quite sure he has MORE than 140 DOCUMENTED conflicts with China.

    2. Cherl, Phyllis is not opposed to paying for any service I receive. IJR does not require that you read every article or every post. Those with attention deficit disorder are excused. Even when I was a registered Republican, I never complained about paying taxes. I do not expect the personnel of the military, national security, education, or Congress to be paid with imaginary dollars.

  3. ** From the Article **

    Instead, Sanders suggested in an interview on “PBS NewsHour” on Thursday that the attacks might be coming from people posing as his supporters.

    “And I’m not so sure, to be honest with you, that they are necessarily part of our movement,” Sanders said.

    I’m guessing the name Steve Scalise means nothing to Bernie.

    1. Except for the part where those “caught on tape” are figures in his national campaign. q.v. Kyle Jurek who wants to burn cities, drag and burn people, and force more into camps.

      Commie or Nazi methods? Both overlap in too many BAD ways.

      1. I am not now, have never been, or will ever be a Sanders’ supporter, but Jurek sounded just like a screwball IJR that wants to start “Civil War 2.0.”

        1. I have not now, nor ever mentioned you as a Bernie supporter. That’s the Genital’s role. I haven’t even mentioned you in the above post. Your paranoia is leading to hallucinations.

          I have asked you what you’ll do if Bernie gets the nomination and what you’ll do when Trump wins re-election.

          Perhaps you SHOULD be on meds. Remember. It’s not me. It’s you.

      2. Response General? You never seem to respond to references to Kyle Jurek. For that matter, neither does your totalitarian leader, Bernie.

  4. Sanders has campaign staff that believe in gulags and re-education camps. He knows it and yet they are still employed. If this doesn’t tell a person what Bernie is about, Communism, then nothing will. Wake up Sanders supporters. You have no idea what is planned for the normal citizen in the end.

  5. Sanders has the support of young D voters, but not older D voters. Very clear as to WHY. The middle age and older voter HAS paid their way thru college, paid off their student debt, paid into Medicare for all the years we worked. The idea that we now pay higher taxes to give you for free what we worked our butts off to achieve, is not a concept that we are ready to sign on to.

    1. “Very clear as to WHY. ” Phyllis

      I think it is very UNclear to you as to why, you are confused.

      The middle aged and older voters are the ones who elected the politicians since Ralph Nader days that screwed over the younger generation. If it wasn’t for that, they wouldn’t be in such dire straights.

      Right now, we are still recovering from the LAST financial debacle caused by the older generations screwing with the financial system. That affected everyone on IJR, including Otis losing his home.

      The NEXT financial debacle (nearly $2 TRILLION is student debt loans that can NOT be claimed in bancruptcy – thanks Joe Biden) is coming. This affects OLDER students who continue to go to their graves still paying down THEIR student loans, PLUS whatever debt they might have been able to finance for their children’s education.

      I just heard about a FULL-TIME teacher having to move back into her parents home because she is being paid the minimum wage FOR TEACHING! She can’t afford the local rents. This is not uncommon for young generations.

      That doesn’t even come close to covering the costs of our incredibly cruel CURRENT health care system. The insurance death squads, the medical bancruptcies, the slowing of our economy, the rigging of the system in which we find research but the government does regulate the outrageous prices that the companies get to charge US.

      You don’t look at these things as the negatives that they are. You see them as normal. I can’t accept that, but you do.

      1. Teaching salary is a district issue, not a federal issue, unless you are only considering DOD teachers. There are 5 school districts in my county and all 5 are paid a different starting salary—and that is years after substitute teaching. Electing a democratic socialist is not going to change public school salaries. When I was hired for my first nursing job, I did not expect to be paid the same as RN’s with 20 yrs experience. My paychecks went to pay back college and nursing school loans and car insurance, not clothes or entertainment.
        Have you identified the votes to pass free 4 yr college thru Congress? If you are promising free college, it is not the same as promising Mexico will pay for the wall. Trumpers pretend Mexico is paying at the same time they acknowledge Trump is taking billions from the military. THAT is nuts but you appear to expect the same from these young people. ARE you prepared for the reaction of the Sanders supporters when he can not deliver on his promises? THEY are NOT going to pretend the taxpayers are taking care of their tuition bills or loan payments. WHAT is the plan for that reaction? Sanders and Trump supporters have a lot in common—NO consideration of consequences.

        I LOOK at these issues in REALITY, not rose colored glasses. I have not believed in Santa Claus since I was 6 yrs old. At 68, I do not see reverting to childhood gullibility. Another thing Bernie Bros have in common with Trumpers. If you can see it clearly in Trump, HOW are you missing it in Bernie?

        1. You missed my point which is that the whole economic system is screwy. What we have today is the result of decades of corruption and the lawmakers that allowed it to get this far.

          It’s time to change that.

          #outnow “refusefascism.org”

        2. OMG! SyPhyllis is an effing nurse? Does your tag say, “Nurse Ratched”, “Annie Wilkes”, “Charlotte Diesel”?

          JFC, if I see a name tag that says SyPhyllis Softa in any hospital I’m admitted to, I’m pretty sure I’m checking the eff out right away!! Not for fear of retribution, but incompetence…possibly a combination of the two.

          If that ever happens, as witnesses on IJR, just be sure that it if my hospital “check out” wasn’t voluntary, it wasn’t a suicide, or a poor health related death.

          1. Hmmm…I remember you denying you were a nurse when I brought it up. Maybe only in the past tense, since you’re retired.

  6. Death threat to people that do not believe in fantasy policies of Trump or Sanders should be called out. When Sanders and his supporters can name the 217 House members and 60 U.S. Senators that will put Bernie’s policies on the POTUS desk for signature, ONLY then should they demand we support Bernie. Bernie currently has 13 U.S. Senators supporting M4A. 35 U.S. Senate seats are up in 2020–21 of the 35 are currently held by R’s. WHICH of those 21 are going to flip from R to a Far Left Democrat/Democratic Socialist? D’s need to flip seats to regain control of what even gets to the Senate floor for a vote. Bernie Bros claimed they could not support Hillary in Nov, 2016 because she would not support a $16 minimum wage, only $10. They gave us Trump, McConnell and Ryan. Please look at what the federal minimum wage is today—remains unchanged at $7.25 hr. So what did they prove? That if they can’t have a fantasy $16, they will settle for $7.25! If they can’t have M4A, they will settle for destroying Obamacare. Sorry, Bernie Bros, I don’t see the logic in your actions and thought process. They can threaten lives on other social media outlets but THAT is not going to win over a single voter. EXPLAIN HOW your fantasy become reality and I will listen.

    1. Phyllis, we are usually on opposite ends of the thought process. Here I almost totally agree with you. Just happy to say there are some things both ‘sides’ can see and agree on! 🙂

      1. You agree because, although she has a brain and actually uses it for what it was meant for, she is basically a Republican refugee looking for her old, honorable Republican party to come back to her. That’s why she can’t support progressive ideas or ideals.

        Many here, on the other hand, attack her as socialist or communist. Funny how that works, isn’t it?

        1. Where you lack reason, which is too frequently, you resort to personal attacks.

          As an obvious supporter of Bernie let’s here your refutations of Phyllis’s and Sherri’s arguments.

          Resorting to personal insults, without first puncturing bad ideas, is the last resort of losers. So are you loser? It’s almost guaranteed.

          Go molest some barnyard animals.

    2. So much to unpack here.

      The American voter needs to wake up and give a real progressive president the chance to fix things right. Both political parties have moved so far to the right because of corruption that the progressive left are now in the center. Yes, the center where the majority of the country supports their policies. It’s just that the majority of the voting public DON’T EVEN VOTE, so we end up with about a quarter of the population controling us!

      If you want to fix that, you first need politicians who excite the voters to actually go to the PRIMARIES, to select the best politicians from the pool of available choices. Bloomberg isn’t going to excite voters. The old establishment politicians won’t excite them, in general. POPULISTS will excite them. Worked for King Donald The Loser, didn’t it, even though the majority of the voters KNEW that he was a fraud. The older voters are against Sanders because you are afraid of change. Your excuse of WAITING for conditions to be ideal won’t help us get the major changes that we so desperately need. That’s why the policy of gradualism was not popular enough to help get Hillary elected. On election day, Bernie Sanders had a 12 point lead over Dear Leader, in 2016.

      To get the major changes that we need, we first have to TRY. We also need to shoot for the highest goals so that we can get what we can. It may not be everything that we need immediately, but at least it will have been what we COULD get, at this time. You and I won’t be alive to see all of our wrongs corrected, but at least you can rest easy that you helped start the process – if you TRY.

        1. Phyllis is capable of scrolling down the comments. Really, it is not that hard. Quit whining, you sound like Screw.

          1. Says the woman who cannot get over her 3-yr old disappointment.

            I love it when you and the Genital fight. It’s the Dim identity crisis in microcosm.

            So…how are you loving the extreme-Left drift of the Dimocrats? Remember that the Genital and his kind are leading your party around by the short hairs.

      1. “The American voter needs to wake up and give a real progressive president the chance to fix things right.”

        Why? Please provide examples and show your work. Bernie is not a progreessive. He’s a Commie masquerading as a “Democratic” Socialist” who used to hide as an Independent. How is any of this an honest campaign?

        Speaking of honesty, what exactly do you and your ilk hope to gain if Bernie wins? There’s ALWAYS seff-interest at the heart of all politics. We get that you are Gimmes, too stupid/lazy/incompetent to do things on your own and you hope the gov’t will do if for you. How childish is that? You want the gov’t to be your new Mommy/Daddy.

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