Trump Pushes for College Football Season This Fall

President Donald Trump is pushing for a college football season this year after reports that the five most powerful college football conferences are moving to cancel their seasons.

On Sunday, Sports Illustrated reported that there are a number of top-level conference calls this week that will determine the future of a fall college football season. On Saturday, the Mid-Atlantic Conference canceled their football seasons.

Trump retweeted Clemson quarterback Trevor Lawrence — Lawrence is leading a group of college players who say they want to play football this season. They are also hoping to form a player’s association.

Trump wrote, “The student-athletes have been working too hard for their season to be cancelled.”

He followed that up with a tweet reading simply, “Play College Football!”

During Monday’s press briefing, White House press secretary Kayleigh McEnany was asked about Trump’s tweet.

McEnany said, “He very much would like to see college football safely resume their sport. And as he mentioned in that tweet, a lot of these college athletes work their whole lives to get four years. Sometimes if they’re redshirted, an extra year, if they’re lucky. They work their whole lives for this moment and he’d like to see them live out their dreams.”

A number of other prominent politicians have also called for a 2020 college football season. Rep. Jim Jordan (R-Ohio) tweeted, “America needs college football.” Senator Ben Sasse (R-Neb.) wrote a letter to the Big Ten presidents asking them not to cancel the season. Sasse’s letter apparently fell on deaf ears — the Detroit Free Press reported that the Big Ten leaders have decided to cancel the season.

Trump’s critics blamed the potential loss of the 2020 season on the president. Rep. Ted Lieu (D-Calif.) wrote, “Dear @realDonaldTrump: You still haven’t learned that shouting into the wind doesn’t solve problems. If you want college football, then you need to mitigate the virus. That means PPE, faster test results, mask compliance & taking the virus seriously. Everything you haven’t done.”


  1. Kayleigh, do you even know what a redshirt year means? You do not get to play football for another year ( 5 years ) , what it means Barbie is you sit out one year and play football 4 years. But you probably knew that because you work for such a genius. You can only sit out one year, even if it’s for injury. Tell your boss the real smart people in the country who care about these young men that playing football during a pandemic is not smart. Wouldn’t it have already dissappeared by now. Pence said it would be behind us by Memorial Day, and trumps whimsy son in law said our country would be back to normal by August. Wrong again.!

  2. Do my fanboys want football in the fall? Will they be happier with me if there is? Yes, yes? Then there must be football!

  3. Hmm. Large people charging into one another, repeatedly and over years, with brain damage and potential lifelong injury likely.

    It sounds like something the gun-control advocates need to look into. If it saves just one life or prevents a permanent brain injury…..

  4. Jayjay, its apparent you reside in Scotty the Imposter’s mother’s basement doing what he does.

  5. PutridPaul…There’s nothing that says “Covid is a liberal farce” like college football huh??

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      Nina Turner. Another Socialist cu*nt and college byproduct, just like AOC. Gropin’ Joe ain’t picking her as it’s unlikely she’d submit to or pass his “scratch & sniff” test?

    2. Scott (why do you remind me of a tissue people wipe their butts with?)

      You definitely know fantasy. Who else would identify with a lifelong politician, who failed in real life, but somehow wound up with millions and three houses WHILE CLAIMING TO BE A SOCIALIST and shouting about income inequality?

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      Whatever would possess you to think others MUST pay for your wants?

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