Trump’s Company Has Charged the Secret Service as Much as $650 Per Night for Rooms: Report

President Donald Trump’s properties have a long history of charging the Secret Service huge rates to protect him and a new report from The Washington Post shows that’s not changing.

The Post reports that “the Secret Service was charged the $650 rate dozens of times in 2017, and a different rate, $396.15, dozens more times in 2018,” while they were staying at Trump’s Mar-a-Lago club in Florida, according to newly released documents.

Another set of receipts showed that the Secret Service was billed $17,000 per month for a cottage at Trump’s golf course in Bedminster, New Jersey.

Trump isn’t the first top administration official to charge the Secret Service to stay on his property. Former Vice President Joe Biden also charged them to rent a cottage on his property in Delaware. However, that rent was considerably lower — only $2,000 per month.

Capitol Hill Democrats have accused the administration of stonewalling them when they’ve tried to find out more about the price tag that Trump puts on the Secret Service.

Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer (D-N.Y.) called on the former Secret Service director to testify before Congress about the vulnerabilities of Trump’s Mar-a-Lago club. His request came after a Chinese woman entered the club with a flash drive containing malware.

Early in the Trump administration, a contract between the General Services Administration, which pays the bills for the Secret Service, fell through while they were stationed at Trump Tower in Manhattan. That forced them to move to a nearby trailer that cost a whopping $130,000 per month.

In the first five months of his administration, the Secret Service paid Trump’s businesses over a quarter of a million dollars to protect the president. Trump has promoted his properties throughout his presidency, even suggesting that he would hold the G7 Summit at Mar-a-Lago. He abandoned that plan after widespread backlash.


  1. Screw seems to believe that funding government oversight and investigations is the same as lining the pockets of POTUS and his family.

  2. This article and the WaPo are full of shit. Any one who pays taxes should be justifiably outraged.

    quick math for those who can’t do it despite fancy/expensive degrees and a job on IJR:
    130k x 12 is 1.56M.
    That’s less than half of what the Senate portion of this BS impeachment cost. (3.6M)

    You don’t need advanced engineering or science degrees to understand the waste. But we’re talking about Dimocrats who can’t even count. q.v. Iowa. What do they care? Like good socialists its ALWAYS the money of others.

    The WaPo and this article’s regurgitator, err, author, should not make noises about housing charges until they address the squandering of OUR monies on REPEATED DEMOCRATIC FAILURES TO OVERTURN OUR VOTES. It’s their tax money too. Why don’t they give a damn? Oh right TDS.

  3. Really? The WaPo and the “author” of this article are quibbling about these trivial amounts? The Dims don’t even show these as rounding errors BECAUSE ITS NOT THEIR MONEY.

    newsflash: the Mueller circus cost 30M+. The Senate portion of the impeachment 3.6M. I do not have figures yet on the emoluments BS or all the other completely failed schemes the Dims have launched. They might as well have blown that money on Powerball tickets. Morons.

    Why isn’t the WaPo screaming about this abuse of OUR TAX MONEY?

  4. If Joe Biden charged (the same as what Trump is accused of) then why isn’t HE being questioned and accused on emoluments violations? That’s an obvious and sloppy double-standard, but his paper-tiger candidacy is folding anyway.

    Why was Burisma brought up on the president’s phone call if Quid Pro Joe was not corrupt and stupid enough to brag about it in public and on video? That’s some major idiocy right there. Remember the corruption came before the request for investigation.

    Apparently some Dims are Dims exactly because they cannot think these things through or lack the critical thinking/intellects to do so. That they are Dims may be the best explanation.

  5. An important point I want to make (now that I have the time) is this: being deranged by OUR election of Trump is no excuse for sloppy journalism or thinking.

    In an earlier time, Dimocratic stalwarts like Woodrow Wilson and Maggie Sanger would advocate sterilizing you and your family to protect the country. I bet you denied that part of your party’s history, didn’t you?

    It is likely and possible that the derangement has disabled some parts of their brains (I’m giving benefit of the doubt that they were not always this *ahem* stupid).

    But it’s not an excuse.

  6. Phyllis,

    In regards to your post about the Clintons and Bush’s not charging. Here’s the flip-side of that: Why wasn’t Gropin’ Joe accused of emoluments? HE ALSO CHARGED.

    14th amendment. Fair and equal treatment under the law but NO WAY BY THE PARTISAN MEDIA or deranged pinheads like you.

    Here’s another concept that will blow your mind: IF GROPIN’ JOE hadn’t set up his cokehead, stripper-impregnating son for a cush job in Ukraine the WHY was there a request for investigation of corruption? Note too that Kerry’s stepson is implicated in Joe’s crooked dealings.

    It oes not help that dimbulb, career-politician, molester Joe bragged in public about quid pro Joe with the Ukrainians. It’s on video.

    Nope. I don’t have time to waste like you. Especially when the OBVIOUS topic is accusations of overcharging by Trump.

    The examples you mentioned SHOULD HAVE BEEN INCLUDED in the Post and here. They were not. Failures in paid, so-called “professional” journalism. Thanks for pointing out the FAKE NEWS FAILURES, but we already knew that.

  7. Ahh….back to the old “why reply when no one can see them” format.

  8. Per diem. If I should have used expenses I WOULD HAVE.

    What an idiot.

    1. Don’t be so hard on yourself. At least you can repeat what your betters have said.

  9. Hotels near Mar-a-Lago run from $200 to $915 (taxes, fees not included) a night on They are at some distance from Mar-a-Lago, which moots the point of having Secret Service protection in the first place.

    THAT research also took under 30 seconds and I do not pretend to be a journalist.

    1. Did you spend any seconds researching what GHW Bush and GW Bush charged the American taxpayers for space on their properties for their Secret Service Protection during their presidencies? Did you check what the Clintons charge the U.S. tax payers for Secret Service space on their New York property? In all 3 cases, the answer is ZERO. The Clintons would be entitled to $1,100 per month rental space but DECLINED. Since you were busying yourself looking up Vegas rates, you missed the OBVIOUS topic to research.—-Or perhaps you did and wished NOT to report the results.

  10. For example, a suite at the Bellagio in Vegas runs as much as $500 per night (more on holidays and weekends) and does not include taxes, visitor fees, etc.

    How f’ing hard was that tidbit of research? It took less than 30 seconds.

    1. Also not difficult would be to research what GHW Bush and George W Bush charged the SS for the space on their properties. ZERO. But could you explain what the room rate in Vegas has to do with billing the U.S. taxpayers $650 a night per room?

  11. It would have been less partisan of the Post and this article if they put “huge” in perspective. But putting things in accurate perspective was obviously NOT their intent. Fake news.

    “As much as $650 per night” at a luxury resort means nothing without a comparison of the same rooms and services held up for comparison. A private cabin at that same luxury resort? Who knows and neither the Post nor this article give information on that.

    1. King Donald The Loser knows that the per diem for most government employees is $546, SS employees have no limit, so he can jack his rates and make US pay the highest rates when he is on his properties.

      He jacked the rates for the RNC by 13 times!

      1. Apparently you have zero experience of per diems vs. expenses.

        No wonder you want handouts.

        Does your alleged employer offer healthcare?

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