Drowning Man Saved by 12-Year-Old Boy Who Learned CPR From Watching 'Stranger Things'


A Florida behavioral therapist was saved by his 12-year-old patient after he passed out while swimming.

Jason Piquette took Austen MacMillan swimming in the family’s pool last week. He decided to see how long he could hold his breath underwater but didn’t resurface for some time, according to ABC7 News.

MacMillian said, “He was underwater for about six-to-five minutes, and I knew that was way too long. He shouldn’t be doing that.”

Piquette added, “I think I lost consciousness in about 30 seconds, and I’m not sure why.”

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The family’s surveillance system caught the situation on camera, displaying the moment the boy swam to his therapist and pulled him out of the water. 

MacMillian was then seen running to the street and shouting for help. When he was unable to find someone to aid him, he returned to the pool and decided to try and revive Piquette by doing CPR, something he had seen on the popular TV show, “Stranger Things.”

Surveillance footage displays him sitting on the edge of the pool doing heart palpitations on Piquette. 

MacMillian said, “After I gave him CPR, he woke up a few minutes later.”

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His dad came home and called 9-1-1 just as Piquette awoke.

His mother also noted, “It was definitely a proud mom moment. He’s really brave and courageous.”

According to the CDC, 11 people drown in the U.S. each day. They also report that there are 22 nonfatal drowning incidents that occur daily. 

Macmillan noted, “I really feel proud of myself.”

Piquette concluded, “I’m just so, like amazed at how strong he was and how wise he was in that moment and I always want him to know that he is a hero.”

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