Drowning Woman Saved by 'Heroic' Chicago Police Officer


Chicago police officer Joanna Tys is being hailed as a hero after she saved a woman, who was drowning.

The dramatic scene unfolded Thursday, leading Cmdr. Mike Barz of the 18th district to praise Tys and others involved.

Tys detailed the events of the incident. She noted a marine call was received, and when she and her partner arrived, they spotted officers gathered on the pier calling to a woman who had gone too far out to move inward.

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She noted, “Me and my partner, we started running,” and a squad car picked them up and rushed them to the scene.

Tys added, “We knew the Marine Unit was on the way,” but had not yet arrived, so she told the other first responders, “I think I’m able to swim to her.”

She attributed this to her mother, stating, “I used to take swimming lessons thanks to my mom and all the summer camp she signed me up for, so I was very confident that I was gonna be able to reach her.”

Tys detailed how she removed her vest, belt, and shoes.

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“I was waiting, like at the edge,” she said.

When the Marine Unit notified those on the scene they were four minutes out, Tys knew she had to act.

She said, “Four minutes is a long time. The lady, I believe, was out there for 15 to 20 minutes already. So I decided that it’s time for me to jump in.”

Tys explained how she “got tired” at the halfway point but kept going with encouragement from her co-workers. “I felt like she was like so far away.”

She then described the moment she was able to reach the victim. “I finally saw her. And she was like, ‘Please help me! Please help me!'”

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“For a second, she went under the water, but I was able to pick her up and hold onto her,” she added.


Marine Unit reached them “within a minute,” and they were able to get on the boat. Tys then stated how the woman she saved said, “Thank you for saving my life. I love you!”

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