Elisabeth Hasselbeck Shows Post-It Note Messages for Biden on 'The View'


Former co-host of “The View” Elisabeth Hasselbeck returned to the show, offering a message to President Joe Biden about Americans suffering from economic troubles.

Hasselbeck served as a guest co-host, bringing her conservative opinions back after leaving the show in 2013.

The former show regular brought out sticky notes on Wednesday when one of her former co-workers mentioned Post-It Notes saying that she had some notes on them for Biden, including the assertion that Americans can’t afford Biden’s America and the economic troubles that came along with his administration.

Hasselbeck showed the notes to the crowd that bore messages including “Americans can’t afford your America” and “gas prices hurt us.” The notes continued, with one reading “recession is real,” while another shared the message, “Even though I did not vote for you, you have my prayers.”

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Hasselbeck’s last note was made “because it’s a hard time and we should still be praying for our leaders,” she said.

Several other hosts seated at the curved table contradicted Hasselbeck with Sunny Hostin saying, “The guy that you did vote for screwed up this country [and] started an insurrection,” seeming to refer to former President Donald Trump.

Joe Behar weighed in and suggested Hasselbeck should make an amendment to a Post-It that read, “Gas prices are not your fault.”

Check out the video (starting at 25:00):

Hasselbeck also engaged in a debate about abortion where the conservative host insisted that there were options for mothers that didn’t involve abortion if they found themselves with an unwanted pregnancy.

“There are options out there that extend beyond abortion,” Hasselbeck said about the contentious issue. “I believe our Creator assigns value to life and that those lives have plan and purpose over them, as designed by God.”

Hasselbeck served as a conservative host for “The View” for a decade from 2003-2013. According to The New York Post, she has since joined the Fox News Team, and wrote a book with her children called “Flashlight Night.”

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