Elon Musk Hints at Big Move for Twitter HQ


With Twitter owner Elon Musk having shown his willingness in the past to forsake the Bay Area for Texas, recent criticisms of San Francisco are being taken as a possible foreshadowing of what might come next.

On Saturday, Musk participated in a Twitter Spaces conversation in which he appeared to blame the far-left climate of San Francisco as having infected Twitter’s workplace and corporate culture according to Bloomberg, which summed Musk’s comments as his explanation of “why he saw Twitter’s position in San Francisco as a major hindrance to his plans of bringing ‘free speech’ back to the service.”

“What is happening is an export of the moral framework of San Francisco to Earth. This is kind of a big deal and problematic,” Musk said.

Musk moved Tesla to Texas after a spat with Alameda County officials during the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic.

His current feud with San Francisco officials stems from the city investigating conference room space at Twitter’s headquarters that has been set aside for employees who want to sleep at the office instead of making the commute home.

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Bloomberg stated that in some spaces, couches have blankets and bedsheets, and also noted that some are used by employees from Tesla and SpaceX temporarily on assignment to Twitter.

San Francisco’s Department of Building Inspection is looking into the matter.

“We need to make sure the building is being used as intended,” department spokesman Patrick Hannan said, according to The Washington Post.

“There are different building code requirements for residential buildings, including those being used for short-term stays. These codes make sure people are using spaces safely.”

Should Elon Musk move Twitter to Texas?

“No one is above the law,” he said.

Musk was not amused and tweeted his displeasure.

“So city of SF attacks companies providing beds for tired employees instead of making sure kids are safe from fentanyl. Where are your priorities@LondonBreed?!” he tweeted.

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Musk has vented before about San Francisco, such as his comment that Twitter’s office in the city should be used as a homeless shelter.

But Texas is aware that Musk might want to pull up stakes and has been courting him.

Gov. Gregg Abbott has urged Musk to have Twitter join Tesla, while rancher Jim Schwertner has said he has 100 acres just perfect for a new Twitter headquarters.

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