Elon Musk's Twitter Begins Auctioning Off Employee Toys and Gadgets - Here's a List of What's for Sale


Under billionaire Elon Musk’s control, Twitter 2.0 is running like a well-oiled machine, and it’s happening with roughly 67 percent fewer employees than it had before Musk’s takeover.

Musk has also made it his mission to turn Twitter headquarters into something that resembles an actual workplace. To drive the point home, Musk has ordered the immediate auctioning of the luxury amenities offered to Twitter employees under old management.

According to the Daily Wire, Musk has contracted Heritage Global Partners to auction off a large portion of the unnecessary equipment at Twitter’s San Francisco headquarters, including La Marzocco espresso machines, which can cost over $20,000 each.

Other items up for auction include high-end furniture and interior decorations. Musk has even authorized the auction of a large statue of the Twitter logo and another large sculpture of the “@” symbol that the platform made famous.

From pizza ovens to braising pans to refrigerators, it looks as though Twitter HQ will soon resemble something of a *gasp* actual office environment where hard-working, mature people go to earn their pay while working on a quality product.

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News of the auction went viral across Twitter. Several images of some of the items up for auction were included.

“If anyone wants any Twitter HQ items, Twitter contracted auction site Heritage Global Inc to sell off the excess assets. There are 265 items (chairs, tables, TVs, signs, etc). The net proceeds will go back to Twitter. Auction begins on Jan 17th,” one Twitter user wrote.

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According to the Heritage Global Auction website, there are currently “265 lots” available to the public for bidding. Some of the lots contain multiple items.

Many of the listings included a ridiculous number of pieces of commercial refrigeration and restaurant equipment.

One can only imagine the agony that will be felt by the remaining employees when they realize they no longer have access to a commercial dehydrator. Whatever will they do?

Not surprisingly, many on Twitter had a lot of fun picking out which items they’d place a bid on.

One user tweeted, “all i want for christmas is a True TUC-27F SS Undercounter Freezer (2 Drawer) from the auction sale of Surplus Corporate Office Assets of Twitter.”

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“Elon is really cleaning house lol,” another user wrote.

Also included in the sale are pieces of computer equipment and electronics, including monitors, televisions and more. At any other company’s downsizing auction, there are often great deals to be had, especially for start-ups looking for used but working equipment.

But given the popularity of Musk, Twitter and its world-famous headquarters, it’s not a stretch to presume that collectors will drive prices much higher than they would usually go just to snatch up a piece of Twitter history.

It’s incredible to see what Musk has done to transform the inner workings of Twitter in such a short amount of time. The platform was predicted to crash after he took over, but it didn’t. It thrived.

Imagine what the future holds for the company after the toys are removed, and the adults return to the office to put in a solid day of actual work. The company seems to have a bright future ahead on Musk’s watch.

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