Fans Wonder If Whoopi Had Flatulence On the Air, Then She Addressed the Issue


Usually, when “The View” grabs headlines, it is from something that came out of Whoopi Goldberg’s mouth.

Maybe not this time.

On Wednesday, the content of the show was secondary to a split-second incident in which Goldberg might have had a bout of flatulence on the air.

Goldberg owned up to some kind of incident, saying “That was gas” as she continued to criticize former President Donald Trump. But viewer opinions were mixed about whether the interruption was flatulence or a burp.

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Twitter was aflame with comments, some bemused and bewildered and others downright nasty, with some asking whether Goldberg had “farted.”

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“She burped. They are soooo loud and talking over each other,” one Twitter user said, according to the New York Post.

In January, an incident took place during which a suspicious noise was heard from Goldberg’s end of the table, according to the Daily Mail.

In that segment, Goldberg was pointing out a puddle of water to Sara Haines, leading Haines to move her chair back. What sounded like flatulence then could be heard, followed by Goldberg saying “umm” while Haines jumped back, saying “oop.”

“We had a little spillage on the other side of the table,’ Alyssa Farah Griffin said. “Now it’s on my pants,” Haines then said.

Although publicly everyone laughed off the incident, privately it was another story, the gossip site RadarOnline posted.

“It’s been an issue for a while,” the site quoted what it called a show insider as saying. “The ladies will be talking about a serious subject on air when, poof, they hear a sudden noise and they’re assailed by a foul smell.”

“It always seems to come from Whoopi’s end of the table, although she refuses to acknowledge she dealt it!”

In 2014, Goldberg rose from her seat and exclaimed, “Excuse me! Oooh, Oooh,” according to the Daily Mail.

However, she claimed the reason was not flatulence,  but “there was a sound that we had never heard before.”

The Mail said that in 2011, during a flatulence incident on the air, Goldberg said, “I feel like I just slipped a frog out of there.”

In 2006, Goldberg told the New York Times Magazine that her incidents of passing gas led to her adopting “Whoopi” as a stage name at the beginning of her career.

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