Fate of Supreme Court Nominee Should Hinge on Presidential Race, Says Senator Collins

Republican U.S. Senator Susan Collins said on Saturday the U.S. Senate should not fill a vacancy on the Supreme Court until after the Nov. 3 presidential election, and the winner of that race should pick the nominee.

Collins, who is in a tough re-election battle in Maine, said in a statement that “in fairness to the American people, who will either be re-electing the president or selecting a new one, the decision on a lifetime appointment to the Supreme Court should be made by the president who is elected on November 3.”

Collins is the first Republican senator to suggest the nomination should be tied to who wins the White House.

Republicans control the Senate with a 53-47 majority.

Senator Lisa Murkowsi, an Alaska Republican, told Alaska Public Radio in an interview shortly before the announcement of Ginsburg’s death that she would not vote to confirm a nominee before the election. Murkowski’s office did not immediately respond to a request for comment Saturday.

About seven Republican incumbents and two Democrats face a chance of losing their seats in November’s election, according to nonpartisan election trackers.

(Reporting by David Shepardson; Editing by Chris Reese and Daniel Wallis)


  1. ed, I am assuming that you can count and that you are aware that the majority of 8 and 9 is FIVE.
    The current SCOTUS has FIVE Justices nominated by Republican POTUS. There are THREE remaining members nominated by Democrat POTUS. FIVE VOTES ARE ALL THAT IS NEEDED FOR A MAJORITY OPINION. The FIVE Justices have already demonstrated that they support business interests over employees and consumers. All 5 indicated that they support women in R controlled states returning to UNSAFE abortion procedures.—There will be safe abortion options available to women in Democrat controlled states—AS THERE WERE BEFORE ROE V WADE. WHAT is it that you perceive the FIVE

    WHY do Trumpers believe ONE far-left nominee would change the results of SCOTUS, the HOUSE or the SENATE? Five votes is a majority on the Supreme Court. Two-hundred and eighteen votes is needed for passage of a bill in the House. Fifty-sixty votes needed for passage of a bill in the Senate. WHY do you fall for every scare tactic put before you??

  2. A SCOTUS seat opening up in Feb, 2016 and a SCOTUS seat opening up in September, 2020 is not different in just 400 days before the election v 46 days it is different in that it exposes what we already have known since February, 2017. REPUBLICAN OBSTRUCTION OF OBAMA. ZERO R House members voted AGAINST stimulus for the Great Recession and only THREE R Senators voted FOR the stimulus which included a tax rebate, it was clear R’s did not care about the COUNTRY.

  3. hope the RINOS are happy with Warren or worse on the court if Joe wins. What could they be thinking? Probably not much more than in rhe last few years.

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