Fauci: Tucker Carlson’s Criticism ‘Triggers Some of the Crazies in Society to Start Threatening Me’

Dr. Anthony Fauci, director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases (NIAID), weighed in on the criticism he has been subjected to by Fox News’ Tucker Carlson.

During an interview with The Washington Post’s Geoff Edgers, Fauci was asked about Carlson’s criticism. Sarcastically feigning bewilderment, Fauci said, “He’s the guy that really loves me, right?”

One of Carlson’s notable rants about Fauci centered on the photo captured in the stands at the Washington Nationals season opener.

Fauci was seen with his mask down and Carlson wasted no time lambasting the infectious disease expert as he described him as a “buffoon.”

See Carlson’s remarks below:

“Does it bother you?” Edgers asked Fauci. “On a humane level, do you feel threatened or concerned when you see that kind of thing floating out there?”

Fauci admitted that while he is not concerned about Carlson’s comments, he does think his rhetoric inspires “some of the crazies” who are threatening him over his handling of the coronavirus outbreak.

“I’m not concerned about what he says,” Fauci said. “It’s a little bit — I think you could say that when he does that, it triggers some of the crazies in society to start threatening me, actually threatening, which actually happens.”

He continued, “I mean, who would have [guessed] when I was in medical school doing things to save people’s lives, I’d have to be going around with a security detail? That’s really ridiculous.”

See Fauci’s interview below (starting at 15:00):

The top infectious disease expert’s latest remarks come amid threats and harassment his family has been subjected to due to his pandemic response which focuses on prioritizing science and public health.

Although Fauci has faced stark criticism for his scientific stance on the coronavirus, he has made it clear it will not distract him from his work.

Fauci added, “He’s trashing me on TV, fine. If he wants to do that, let him do it. I’m not going to get distracted by that.”


  1. I’m with you GENERAL. If BOOB and the others only knew that I never read past the first sentence of their crazy, word salad rant, I’m sure they would be disappointed.

  2. Jayjay: Confused Boob The Projectionist has been off his rocker since he started posting here. He conflates conflicting political ideologies into one mess because it fits his confused narrative. He lives in the McCarthy-Cold War era and, like a lot of conservatives, hasn’t come out of his cave to find out that the world changed without him. If people like him weren’t so dangerous, he might be eligible for some pity. He is what is wrong with this country, but we all have to wait for people like him to die off, to rid the world of them.

  3. I have a really neat nickname for you REGINA and it starts with a V but I won’t lower myself to the level of trumturds. Sounds to me that your post supports threatening Fauci and his family. Be very careful girlie…you’re straddling absolutism, authoritarianism, despotism, and tyranny.

  4. SCREWHEAD….Fauci has admitted he got some things wrong early on but his decisions were based on the information available AT THE TIME. The covid virus is something that is NEW. Can you cite for me when tRump has ever admitted he was wrong?? I’ll be waiting….

  5. ”ALL the hate and violence is coming from the democRAT/communist/fascist party, your party confuction. We know you cannot ever tell the truth. Lies along with violence and criminals are the basis for your party. Without them you would not have a party.” Confused Boob The Projectionist

    THIS is the kind of shit talking that rightly earned you your nickname. Everything you wrote is pure projection. How many lives have the feared (by wackos) have the BLM taken in the last, say, 25 years, for example? Zero. How many have right-wing groups or wacko individuals taken? I’ve lost count, but there are groups that track the numbers. It’s not small.


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  6. Derpbert:

    The honest truth is that responsible adults, scientists and “experts” included, will admit when they don’t know for sure of if they f’d up.

    Bureacrats like Fauci not so much.

  7. Derpbert:
    1. You’re an expert. Until you aren’t. Fauci would look less like a fool if he kept his yap shut until he had more information.

    2. Lockdown? Really? Tell that to Sweden or South Korea (also Tajikstan, Turkistan, etc.)

    No, if anything the yugely exaggerated mortality figures were wrong to start.

    Know what else the “experts” claimed without enough data? The lethality of the virus, which still figures at .03-.04% per the CDC. It’s not as if the most vulnerable were forced to share facilities with the infected. Oh wait, that happened.

    Here’s a thought: instead of locking down everyone the most vulnerable and infected should have been isolated. Those feeling vulnerable could VOLUNTARILY do so. Everyone else go about their lives.

    Seriously, I have many friends and acquaintances in the most vulnerable age group. Not a one has been sick or died. Luck? Lockdown? Good personal hygiene? No one can say.

    3a. Remember the lockdown? Apparently you haven’t noticed it’s still here. Remember those millions of jobs, restaurants, small businesses now gone?

    4. Fauci said gathering in crowds is a hazard for spreading the WuFlu. Like the crowds in riots, “peaceful protests”, and union teacher marches.

    Either large groups are a hazard or they aren’t. Fauci specifically denounced certain activities, but had nothing to say regarding riots, etc. He cannot have it both ways.

    5. I didn’t mention Tucker Carlson. I don’t watch him nor do I have TV.

    You specifically failed to mention the protests and threats to others than Fauci. Public figures get that. Some even get shot. q.v. the Congressional softball shooting, Harvey Milk/George Moscone, various entertainers.

  8. Screw:
    1. There was no consensus about how Covid was spreading. Early dogma said it was by touch, not aerosol droplets. N95 masks were in short supply. I guess it was a bad idea to tout masks at the time. Then it was figured out that droplets from the lungs were the vector, and simple surgical masks would offer substantial protection. We learned.
    2. Remember the shutdown? That’s one big reason millions did not die. Masks and social distancing, too.
    3. If you’re outdoors, it’s much harder for the aerosol leaving person A to get into person B. If you’re not feeling someone’s warm breath, and you’re outside, you’re safe without a mask.
    4. Not that Fauci ever endorsed riots, but the other events you list all tend to happen indoors.
    5. Tucker Carlson pisses people off for a living. If he didn’t piss people off, he would lose ratings, and get fired. That’s a big difference between his and Fauci’s job descriptions.

  9. Phyllis: How convenient that you don’t list any of the threats and dangerous actions by liberal crazies against conservatives. But then, you are not known to tell the truth, anyway.

  10. So, Delbert, you say “the only reason a physician goes into public service is to save lives”. Are abortion doctors trying to save lives? No, they aren’t.
    Do you know ALL physicians that have going into public service so that your statement can be true? NO, you don’t. Therefore, you do NOT know if your statement is true, so you are lying.

  11. Mr. Fauci: Welcome to the world of many, many conservatives. And many of them lose their jobs and/or have their reputations ruined, which will not happen to you because you happen to positively stroke many, many of those who are evil to others.

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  12. Fauci has become addicted to celebrity. It’s understandable that his vanity has succumbed to the spotlight after so many years of bureaucratic obscurity.

    Yet he’s been absolutely wrong. So many times.
    1. Mask are not necessary. Except when he flipped and said they were.
    2. Millions of people did not die. So much for his predictions.
    3. If masks are so necessary, why did he appear at a baseball game with it slung around his chin?
    4. Mass gatherings are bad. Churches, funerals, family gatherings are verboten. Riots not so much. Which is it Dr. Fauci?

    He’s a clay-footed idol. Hmm. You know how many politicians, celebrities, or just plain people have received death threats or protesters outside their home? Tucker Carlson for one.

  13. Sad that Fauci has flip flopped so many times since this virus hit the U.S. He is Neck deep in with China and Bill Gates. If you Trust everything Fauci says you are a bigger fool than a Clown at a sideshow… With the first stars virus chloroquine worked but Now all of a sudden it doesn’t, strange that he has money invested in the companies making the vaccine. It’s also strange that it is Proven to have worked early on in COVID-19. Many have survived using it with zinc. He is a Democrat Pawn.

  14. So, you lefties want to live in a country, like Venezuela? I hear they are accepting disenfranchised Americans.

  15. fauci is a brilliant man and he knows what he is talking about, unlike that buffoon we have in the white house,,,,,GO JOE AND KAMALA

  16. Crazies, deplorables…etc. any other adjectives the left wants to use.
    Let’s face some facts, Dr. Fauci has been wrong on many occasions since the beginning of this. Including his direct involvement with money going to China for research on this virus.
    There are many Doctors that are directly involved and treating patients that have more knowledge about how to deal with this China virus, than Fauci. He stopped being a real doctor when he stopped treating actual patients.
    Now he’s just a Beurocrat that rides a desk that makes armchair decisions.
    All of you Left’ies and TDS’s need to stop breathing, you are directly responsible for global warming by using up valuable amounts of oxygen.

  17. ““Feeding the crazies” extends much further than Tucker.” Phyllis

    Yes, yes, we know, but he is currently the most DANGEROUS of the most popular ones on the right. He is more effective and more competent than Dear Leader could ever be and he has really dangerous, racist ideas that the nutjobs on the right LOVE.

    These people need to stop watching the drug-additing right-wing media. They are NOT your friends. FOX, Limbaugh, Shapiro, Epoch Times, Breitbart etc, all rot your brains. They “feed the crazies”.

    1. ALL the hate and violence is coming from the democRAT/communist/fascist party, your party confuction. We know you cannot ever tell the truth. Lies along with violence and criminals are the basis for your party. Without them you would not have a party.

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  20. If it was simply Tucker Carlson feeding the crazies, the insanity problem in America would be easily solved.—It is 98% of conservative media feeding the crazies. Did anyone ever anticipate the taxpayer paid public health expert in the country would require 24/7 security also at taxpayer expense? CNN had to hire SIX security guards for Jim Acosta when he covered Trump rallies. Pipe bombs were sent to CNN and Democrats. A Coast Guard officer plotted to kill Democrats. “Feeding the crazies” extends much further than Tucker.

  21. People on the loopy right need to start remembering that the only reason a physician goes into public service is to save lives, and not because he was recruited into a deep-state brotherhood.

  22. “Sarcastically feigning bewilderment” Washington Post

    Yeah, that Cucker Tarlson’s schtick all right.

    “it triggers some of the crazies in society to start threatening me, actually threatening, which actually happens.”

    Again, this is stochastic terrorism.

    1. That is right confuction. Your party is the party of terrorism and treason.

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