Female Staffers Speak Out in Defense of Gaetz Following Sexual Misconduct Allegations

The women of Rep. Matt Gaetz’s (R-Fla.) congressional office are breaking their silence about allegations of sexual misconduct against him.

In a statement released on Thursday, the group of women came to his defense, “After the shocking allegations last week in the press, we, the women of Congressman Matt Gaetz’s office, feel morally obligated to speak out. During Congressman Gaetz’s time in office, we have been behind the scenes every step of the way.”

They continued, “We have staffed his meetings. We have planned his events. We have traveled with him. And we have tracked his schedule. Congressman Gaetz has always been a principled and morally grounded leader. At no time has any one of us experience or witnessed anything less than the utmost professionalism and respect. No hint of impropriety. No ounce of untruthfulness.”

When discussing their experiences in the office, the women say they are “not only respected” but they also “have been encouraged time and time again to grow, achieve more, and, ultimately, know our value.”

The women explained, “In our professional ecosystem, women are given every opportunity to advance and utilize our talents to help the country in the best possible way. On every occasion, he has treated each and every one of us with respect. Thus, we uniformly reject these allegations as false.”

Promising to “stand with him,” the group of women declared, “While we recognize the scrutiny we will face for making this decision, we take comfort in the hope that more Americans and elected officials will stand up and refuse to remain silent.”

Late last month, The New York Times reported the Department of Justice is investigating whether Gaetz “had a sexual relationship with a 17-year-old and paid for her to travel with him.”

Sources also told CNN Gaetz bragged about his relationships with women and showed lawmakers photos and videos of nude women he had allegedly slept with.

Gaetz has since denied the allegations.

Former President Donald Trump spoke out about the allegations against Gaetz in a statement on Wednesday, as IJR reported.

 “It must also be remembered that he has totally denied the accusations against him,” Trump said.


  1. You liberal idiots need to get past it. He’s out, your guy is in…. Move on. Your tired rhetoric is too too much .

  2. Let’s start with the fact that CNN and the rest of the far-left media will do anything to smear any conservative who has any positive qualities. E.g., the CBS slime job on Ron DeSantis in “60 Minutes”. I therefore discount any such attacks by about 99%.

  3. Ps – Having Trump as his spokesperson isn’t helping his credibility any. Just because he denies the allegations doesn’t make him innocent; these wingnuts are still harping on HRC’s non-existant trafficking ring under the Pizza joint, a lie that led a young man to kill someone when he went in guns blazing. He might want a more believable character witness.

    1. I don’t think that anyone was actually shot at the Pizza joint.

      1. This gun grab BS starts and all of a sudden the shooting starts. You’ll never convince me this S is bought and paid for .. by you know who !!! Biden try’s to take the guns of law abiding citizens hell have a f€£KING war on his stupid ass hands !!!

    2. Ed is correct. Edgar Maddison Welch pleaded guilty to assault with a dangerous weapon and transporting a firearm over state lines. According to court documents, he pointed his gun AT EMPLOYEES but fired his weapon into a locker at the restaurant. He served 4 years in prison for his gullibility of QAnon conspiracies. One would think THAT would teach others—but there is no evidence that it did. Case in point, MTG. The timeframe she provided for falling for QAnon conspiracies is AFTER THE ARREST of Welch. AFTER information was available that the structure in which Comet Pizza is housed, does not have a basement.

      BUT, Bonnie Lee does point out the flaw in Trump as a credible character witness. Not the guy who claimed on Twitter that he fired Flynn for lying to the FBI and VP Pence, but later claimed Flynn did not lie. Not the guy who supported Hunter Duncan and Chris Collins, who pled guilty AFTER they were elected to another term in the House. Not the guy who praised Michael Cohen up to the moment Cohen cooperated with the Mueller investigation. Not the guy who praised China 15 times for Xi’s “transparency” and “control” of COVID. Not the guy who claimed the insurgents were “antifa” and when zero evidence of antifa supporters among the over 300 arrests, many for assault on Capitol police, claimed the insurgents were “hugging and kissing” law enforcement. The saddest part is there are people in America that still believe “former guy,” Matt Gaetz CAN be innocent, but he needs a more credible character witness.

  4. Of course they did. Birds of a feather… especially well paid birds! Why else didn’t they jump to his defense Immediately?

    1. Jealous you haven’t a good paying job as they do?
      In the public eye, one does not jump into the foray until the time is propitious.

  5. Every media outlet out there has ran an article on Gaetz and his debacle, not only CNN. He’s being treated poorly now by his comrades, including Trump. Matt Gaetz should have chose better friends. The investigations against him started with Barr not Garland. This is his Karma, we’ll see how this plays out. Of course we’ll have to compare it to Clinton, Cuomo and Hunter Biden first. As if it matters.

  6. Oh well…. if “Sources also told CNN”. There you have it folks. That’s all the proof we need.
    They have no shame and thrive on perpetuating lies. Unless the name is Clinton, Cuomo, Biden as in Hunter then there are no sources available.

  7. Talking about your sex life with your friends is you are a single person is perfectly reasonable and has nothing to do with the allegations. Apparently none of those “sources” indicated that he bragged about having sex with a minor. I have no clue if he did or didn’t and am not making a judgment on him either way. I do take issue with the media, however, making a non-issue appear to be salacious when it’s not. They add the little tidbit of info in there that he “bragged” about his sex life to try and make people believe it is more likely that he’d have sex with a minor, when obviously the two aren’t even remotely related. Single men “brag” about their sex lives often with their male friends, but that does not mean they harbor any desire to sleep with underage girls.

    1. And sharing nude photos of his conquests is juvenile. If Gaetz is that immature he shouldn’t be representing anyone. Also the girls who posed for them deserve what they got. They’ve been exposed to who knows how many eyes.

      1. So what? It may seem juvenile to a person like you, as a single man it’s fun to us, and for the ladies to. They could care less who see’s them in the nude. Their beautiful and love the fact that a man finds them so fine he shows them off to his friends. There is no disrespect pointed at anyone when a man does this. As long as there of age. I’m sure the girls got what they deserved as you put it, here’s a few things they got, boy shes fine, Jesus you lucky dawg, all kinds of slaps on the back for the man. The only ones who feel its wrong are people that’s jealous, ugly or just plain haters. Nothing perverted or wrong with a man doing this. If you feel like it’s not proper for men and women to act this way then that’s your problem and I bet your man wish’s he had a lady he could brag about and show off & he may it’s just not you. The more eyes that these ladies are exposed to the more fun they will have not to mention the gifts they receive. Men also love to spend money on these ladies, she also enjoys the power and clout and attention she receives. The main thing you have to remember is that CNN and the New York times are reporting this from unknown sources so it’s a 98% chance it’s all Fake News. Both employ lying scum racist haters.

        1. Tim….Today is my 45th wedding anniversary and I don’t have to take my clothes off to show how fine I am. From what you write I can see why the world is as it is. Showing nudes and dating these girls may be fun for you but for the girls it is total desperation and lack of respect for themselves. What power and clout do these whores get? If that’s the type of girl you’re looking for go for it, marry it and deal with it the rest of your life. Perhaps you’ve already married one and have shown your wifes’s pictures to all your friends.I don’t care.
          Respect doesn’t matter or exist. Shame on you.

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