Fetterman Issues Foul 2-Word Response to GOP Senator's Proposal on Israel, Ukraine


We’ve spent a lot of time focusing on the flaming clown car wreck — also known as the U.S. House of Representatives — in recent weeks.

Between Republicans wasting away their majority and ruining what was left of any kind of sense of responsibility — for fun? — while trying to pick a new speaker, and Democrats openly sharing terrorist propaganda about Israel’s war with Hamas, the chamber has essentially become a montage of wipe-out videos on YouTube: Horribly painful to watch, but somehow irresistible.

Yet turn away from it we must to the chamber of Congress which is supposed to be the more elegant and refined institution full of more noble and thoughtful members to see the profound musings of the junior senator from Pennsylvania.

On Monday, Sen. John Fetterman (D-Pa.) shared a Fox News story about Sen. J.D. Vance (R-Ohio) sharing a memo calling for funding for Israel and Ukraine not to be lumped together.

After President Joe Biden’s speech last week, senators and those who believe supporting both nations is in the United States’ national security interests have kind of a nice format to respond to such ideas.

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But Fetterman chose a more unconventional and less graceful approach, and responded to Vance’s proposal from his official X, formerly Twitter, account, writing, “F*** that.”

Wow. How convincing. Surely, Vance will be utterly devastated by this argument and will not be able to counter it.

Now, look, if you think senators and representatives are all paragons of virtue and shun the use of four-letter words, there’s probably someone who would love to sell you an extended warranty on your 2005 Saturn Aztek.

Still, this tweet is disappointing but not surprising in that it follows a trend of Fetterman’s apparently nihilistic view of the Senate.

To him, decorum and rhetoric or using his position as an elected representative to set an example seems to not matter.

Rather than showing respect for the institution and the voters who elected him to represent them by dressing up and showing some kind of restraint, he would rather indulge in his comfort and the behavior of a high school student.

It is a continued dumbing down of the institution of the Senate that should have Pennsylvania voters asking: If he does not want to look or act the part, why is he there?

And if he wants to be an edgy meme-lord, he can resign and start a YouTube channel to share all the weird memes and f-bombs he wants while wearing hoodies and gym shorts. But if he wants to be a senator, he should show the voters in his state he actually wants to do the job.

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