Ford Electric Truck Owner Hears 'Loud Pop' at Charging Station - Then His Worst Nightmare Happens


An electric Ford F-150 Lighting owner who describes himself as “Into Electric Vehicles” had to get out of his electric vehicle when it stopped working after a public charger “fried” the vehicle, he said Sunday.

“Lightning bricked today at an [Electrify America] charger,” Twitter user Eric Roe wrote Sunday afternoon. “I’m 1000 miles from home, the EA charger when [sic] black, and my Lightning won’t move. I’m screwed.”

After that initial post, Roe posted an update that included pictures of the vehicle being loaded onto and then carted away by a tow truck.

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That tweet had gotten some attention — 1,412 likes (which I’ll interpret as expressions of sympathy, in this case), as well as about 235 replies and a similar number of retweets as of late Tuesday morning.

A number of those replies were from Roe himself, providing updates to his situation, but one was from Emma Bergg, whose profile indicates that she is the “Global Director, Electric Vehicles & BlueOval City Comms for Ford Motor Company.”

Hopefully, Bergg can get Roe some help — because it sounds like he needs some.

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Apparently, technicians at the dealership to which the F-150 was towed need — or believe they need — a specific battery before they can even diagnose what’s wrong with the truck and start talking about repairs.

Still, Roe doesn’t seem discouraged about electric vehicles in general, saying almost 24 hours into his ordeal that he still “loves EV’s.”

Roe’s Twitter profile describes him as being “Into Electric Vehicles, technology, going on drives, road trips, and trains.”

On Aug. 23, Roe had posted a video of him “[c]rossing the Mojave River twice in Afton Canyon, California,” in what was presumably the same truck.

We’ll be keeping an eye on Roe’s situation and hoping that he gets it resolved quickly, and at the expense of either Ford or Electify America, because Ford truck batteries can run over $35,000, as The Western Journal has previous written.

That’s a big repair bill for a vehicle with only 10,000 miles on it.

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