Fox News Employees Blow the Whistle on Where the Network Really Stands on 'Woke' Issues


Numerous current and former Fox News employees claimed the company is no different than any other “woke” American corporation, according to a new report.

Writing for The Daily Signal, Mary Margaret Olohan reported Fox News has a policy that accommodates employees who identify as transgender that asks other employees to cater to them.

Additionally, the go-to cable network for conservatives since 1996 tried to prevent former top-rated host Tucker Carlson from “misgendering” transgender people.

One person who claimed to have worked at Fox News said Carlson had to fight last year not only to talk about transgender social media influencer Dylan Mulvaney but also to have conservative commentator Matt Walsh on his show.

Carlson had it out with management in order to be able to accurately refer to Mulvaney as “he,” the report claims.

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Walsh has made challenging gender agendas his most prominent issue in recent years and is known for asking people he speaks with to define the word “woman.”

The report claimed Walsh was blacklisted by Fox News outside of Carlson’s show on select occasions.

Once “Tucker Carlson Tonight” was canceled on April 24, Olohan reported a source told her producers on its replacement “Fox News Tonight” were told not to criticize Mulvaney – who at the time had just made his partnership with Bud Light public.

A person who claimed to have been a former producer on Carlson’s show said the network essentially panders to conservatives.

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“They want you to think it’s this place that supports traditionally conservative values,” the person said. “But in reality, they’re pushing [gender] nonsense behind the scenes.”

Another former employee told Olohan that Fox News is not in any way different behind the scenes than any of the companies its hosts criticize on the air.

“Fox News devotes hours of programming to attacking ‘woke companies,’ but ironically Fox is as woke as the rest of them,” that person said.

The employee concluded regular network viewers would be “astonished to find out what the company is like.”

Another former employee said: “Fox is no different… It’s a standard American mega corporation with all the same types of policies and employees as those other companies.”

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Walsh spoke to Olohan about his apparent blacklisting and he essentially called for a boycott of the cable news giant.

“Fox’s viewers think that Fox shares their values,” Walsh told Olohan. “And it’s very clear that that’s just not the case. Gender ideology is as far radical Left as you can possibly go. They have embraced radical leftism in its most extreme form.”

Walsh concluded, “There’s no daylight at all between Fox News and MSNBC when it comes to gender… And I think that’s something that Fox’s viewers need to know. … If it were up to me, Fox would get the Bud Light treatment.”

Additionally, another employee shared Fox News’ policies on how it handles employees who are or intend to transition genders.

The policy offers people their own restrooms or the ability to use any restroom they wish.

Per a former employee, Fox News is committed to ensuring employees do not encounter “transphobia” at work.

Those who identify as transgender are reportedly encouraged to talk about it with those they work with while Fox News management is also proud of its Corporate Equality Index score of a perfect 100.

The score is awarded by the pro-LGBT Human Rights Campaign, which pulled Anheuser-Busch’s score last week after the activists behind the index did not feel the company adequately handled the Bud Light/Mulvaney backlash.

UPDATE, May 23, 2023: In an email to The Western Journal, a Fox News representative said, “FOX News Media is compliant with all Human Rights laws mandated by the cities and states in which we operate, including New York and California.”

This article appeared originally on The Western Journal.

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