Fox News Guest Claims Harris Will 'Racism' Clinton 'to Death' if She Runs in 2024


A Fox News guest is suggesting that former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton would face charges of racism if she runs against Vice President Kamala Harris.

During a segment on Tucker Carlson’s show Thursday night, Outkick founder Clay Travis discussed the prospect of a 2024 Clinton presidential bid if President Joe Biden does not run for reelection.

“If Biden doesn’t run, it is sexist and racist by the Democratic Party’s own standards if Kamala Harris isn’t the nominee,” Travis claimed. “So at least if they go with Hillary, they can cross off the sexist part. It’ll still be racist, but she’ll only be half wrong, and half worthy of condemnation.”

Tucker responded sarcastically by suggesting that Clinton might win support when voters “discover how oppressed she has been.”

“She seems obviously like this sinister, entitled rich lady who’s had everything handed to her, and got a Senate seat because he husband was president. But hen people learn that everyone is picking on her because she is a girl, don’t you think like Oprah, she will become very popular?” he asked.

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Travis responded, “She is going to get beaten in the oppression Olympics by Kamala Harris…If you have the pyramid of victimization lined up, which defines everything in the Democratic Party right now, Kamala Harris is at the apex. She is the ultimate victim as a Black woman. And if she is not allowed to be the nominee after being vice president, then Hillary Clinton will be racist.”

“Look, as much as I think Hillary would be the candidate, I think that Kamala Harris is going to racism her to death, and there’s just no way for her to be the nominee. I don’t know how she pulls it off,” he added.

Do you think Clinton will run?

The exchange comes as some have speculated that Clinton might run for president in the upcoming election if Biden does not run again.

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