Fox Reporter Discusses Shooting at School Where Her Son Is a Student


A Fox News reporter spoke about a shooting at a Colorado high school where her son is a student.

On Wednesday morning, two staff members of East High School in Denver, Colorado were shot — reportedly by a student.

Fox News’ John Roberts was covering the shooting when he said, “On occasion, these stories touch us personally.”

“And that has happened in this particular case,” he continued as he noted the network’s Alicia Acuna has one child who is a student at the school and two others who graduated from it.

Roberts said, “Alicia joins us now not as a reporter but as a concerned parent.”

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He asked Acuna what she knew about the “build-up” to the incident.

“I have so many questions, as do so many other parents here,” Acuna began. “I was sitting at my desk working on a different story, and I started getting texts from my son saying that he was in an assembly and that all of a sudden there were police officers everywhere and there were ambulances and the assembly was shut down, and there were cops guarding their door.”

Watch the video below:

She noted she continued to stay in contact with her son through text as he was required to stay silent.

Acuna also revealed the school had a safety plan that led certain students to receive pat-downs on a daily basis because “there was enough concern to do so.”

However, she shared she was not previously aware those measures were in place. She added the superintendent of the school district told her during a press conference that parents were not informed about the measures to protect the privacy of the students receiving the pat-downs.

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The suspect in the shooting was reportedly a subject of the safety plan. 

While she was speaking, Acuna saw her son for the first time since the shooting and stopped to give him a hug. 

“I’m sorry, I’ve not seen my kid since this all went down,” she said, adding, “I’m so sorry… There’s no way you would have let your kid walk by… He’s OK. He’s good.”

The two staff members who were shot were transported to local hospitals.

Law enforcement said the suspect was on the run.  

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