Fox's Ainsley Earhardt Stunned as 80-Year-Old Iowa Diner Calls Out Jill Biden on Live TV


It was the wisdom of the ages, on full display.

A diner interviewed by Fox News Ainsley Earhardt managed to stun the “Fox & Friends” host with her unexpected response to a question about the biggest issue that concerns her about the country and its presidential election.

Because to the diner, the issue had a name, and it wasn’t “President Joe Biden.”

The woman, who identified herself as “Donna,” and a resident of Urbandale, Iowa, was part of the crowd filling Urbandale’s Machine Shed restaurant Friday morning when Earnhardt gave her the chance to speak her mind — and gave her a prompt about what she might want to say.

“What issues are concerning you?” Earhardt asked. “Is it the economy?”

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Not even close, Donna responded.

It was what can only be described as the elder abuse (not Donna’s word) that’s been on display ever since Democrats and the Biden family decided in 2019 to trot out a visibly failing Joe Biden as the party’s only hope of defeating then-President Donald Trump.

If it hasn’t quite gotten worse with every that passes in the Biden administration (the president spends a lot of time on vacation after all), it certainly shows no signs of getting better.

And Donna knows why.

Do you agree with this diner?

“For me … One of the things that bothers me is, I’m five days younger than the president,” she said in a diner that had gone quiet to hear her answer. “I gimp, I walk with a gimp. I forget things once in a while.

“But I feel that he has been put out before people. And being made fun of all the time. And I would like to think that my family would not do that to me.

“And I feel that Jill Biden should be … feel very badly for what she’s doing.”

Check it out here:

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“Wow,” Earhardt responded, clearly taken off guard by the framing of the answer.

But maybe she shouldn’t have been.

It’s no secret, after all, that the Biden family has benefited enormously from Joe Biden’s utterly undeserved ascendancy to the executive branch, whether as former President Barack Obama’s vice president of in the Oval Office on his own.

Of course, son Hunter “the bagman” Biden has made a fortune pimping his father’s name in a global market. Then there’s brother James Biden, Hunter’s uncle and apparent mentor in the family business. (Mr. “Plausible Deniability” himself.)

And don’t forget the other family members who got their cut.

As the New York Post reported in May:

“Oversight Chairman James Comer (R-Ky.) identified nine Biden family members known to have benefited: Hunter; first brother James Biden; his wife, Sara; first daughter-in-law Hallie Biden, the widow of Joe Biden’s son Beau; Hunter’s ex-wife, Kathleen Buhle; his current wife, Melissa Cohen; and ‘three children of the president’s son and the president’s brother.'”

Sometimes, it seems like the only Biden who isn’t on the take is the granddaughter the president and first lady denied for so long.

But right at Joe’s side is Jill Biden, a woman who is finally getting what she no doubt considers her due after spending eight years completely eclipsed by Michelle Obama.

Now, it’s Jill who’s got the starring role in leftist causes. It’s Jill who’s the subject of fawning media coverage and embarrassing fashion spreads.

Plus, she gets to live in the family’s vacation home in Rehoboth Beach and the home manse in Wilmington, Delaware, not to mention the White House itself.

Jill Biden, who of all the human beings on the face of the planet, knows best how ill-equipped her husband is for the job of the presidency, has apparently had no qualms about him doing it, as long as she’s gotten the perks that go with it — not matter how much he embarrasses himself or his country.

The entire Biden crime family saga is sordid, from Hunter Biden’s copious use of prostitutes on through the shell companies established for the sole purpose of hiding the ill-gotten gains of influence peddling.

But the worst crime of all may well have been the one against basic human decency committed by a family and a political party that decided to use the fragile shell of a now-octagenarian Joe Biden as a frontman for the worst excesses of an increasingly leftist party.

And the worst perpetrator of it is Jill Biden, as the octogenarian Donna nailed it with Ainsley Earhardt.

“I feel that Jill Biden should be … feel very badly for what she’s doing,” Donna said.

It’s a rock-solid bet that Jill Biden doesn’t feel badly at all. She isn’t nearly wise enough.

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