Fox's Faulkner Absolutely Blasts VP Harris' Husband for Blocking Handicap Parking to Shop at High-End Store


Second Gentleman Douglas Emhoff took up several handicapped parking spaces during a Whole Foods shopping trip over the weekend.

Emhoff’s motorcade blocked off more than one handicapped parking spot for his shopping errand in the Los Angeles neighborhood of Brentwood.

The entertainment lawyer sauntered from the entrance of Whole Foods with two bags of groceries.

Emhoff bantered with a man who he assumed was a fan in the video, his Secret Service evidently deciding that the accommodation for the disabled didn’t apply to their protectee.

The move merited criticism on a Monday Fox News segment.

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Secret Service protectees often rely on their detail to do their grocery shopping for them.

It’s unclear why Emhoff decided it was necessary to travel to the luxury market himself, incurring additional difficulty and expense on members of the community.

Should he have parked there?

Fox host Harris Faulkner took particular exception with Emhoff’s decision to help himself to a space reserved for the disabled.

“Just grab the privilege and ride it home, cowboy,” Faulkner said of Emhoff’s selfish move.

“I really don’t think it was mean-spirited, but it is another thing that that is politically dangerous — it’s oblivious,” the Fox host said.

Douglas’ detail was in the handicapped parking spots for more than 20 minutes, according to the Daily Mail.

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Emhoff is the first person in history to hold the title of Second Gentleman. There’s never been a female Vice President before his wife, Kamala Harris.

This isn’t the first time that a federal protectee has used their Secret Service detail to avoid the inconveniences of everyday life in Los Angeles.

A Los Angeles neighborhood was swarmed with homeless encampments after Hunter Biden moved away from a luxury rental home.

Hunter’s Secret Service detail had seemingly kept third-world style urban camping out of the area.

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