'Free At Last': Geraldo Rivera Declares His Freedom From Fox News on CNN


Journalist Geraldo Rivera declared his freedom from Fox News during an interview on CNN.

While speaking with CNN host Alisyn Camerota, Rivera opened up regarding his parting of ways with Fox News and about the work atmosphere, saying he felt “liberated” since leaving the network on June 30, according to Mediaite. Rivera had been a co-host on the show, “The Five.”

“I feel liberated. I feel free,” Rivera told Camerota. “Free at last!”

Rivera continued to speak about how he felt “muzzled” by corporate officials and corporate policy while working at Fox News, describing them as being “very controlling” in their discipline of employees.

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“You are muzzled, corporate discipline muzzles people, even if you know, self-muzzlement, it that’s a word,” Rivera explained, adding that he had been denied the opportunity to be on other shows during his “long career” with the network.

When asked by Camerota what the officials at the network were afraid of him doing, Rivera very quickly answered it was because of his “flamboyance” and his views regarding former President Donald Trump.

During the interview, Rivera described himself as being “a Republican person” as well as being “pro-choice, pro-immigration reform,” and in favor of gun control.

“It was a very, it’s a very rigid, very controlled atmosphere, where everyone answers to management, and management doesn’t allow beat freewheeling,” Rivera described of his former workplace.

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On July 13, Rivera appeared on ABC’s “The View” to discuss his departure from Fox News, opening up that he had been fired from being a co-host on the show. Rivera admitted that he decided to quit Fox News after being fired from “The Five.”

Rivera told “The View” that during his time on “The Five” he had a “very toxic relationship” with one of the un-named male co-hosts.

“My last scheduled show appearances are Thursday and Friday June 29th and 30th,” Rivera wrote in a Twitter post on June 21 regarding him leaving the show. “It’s been a great run and I appreciate having had the opportunity. Being odd man out isn’t always easy.”

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