Former Rep. Gabrielle Giffords: ‘We Can Let the Shooting Continue, or We Can Act’

Former Rep. Gabrielle Giffords (D-Ariz.) is putting two options before Americans: Allow gun violence to continue, or vote to elect Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden and “protect our families, our future.”

In remarks aired during the Democratic National Convention, Giffords — who has been a gun-control advocate since she survived being shot in the head in 2011 — urged Americans to make their voices heard in the upcoming election.

“I’ve known the darkest of days, days of pain and uncertain recovery,” Giffords said. “But confronted by despair, I’ve summoned hope.”

She continued, “Confronted by paralysis and aphasia, I’ve responded with grit and determination. I put one foot in front of the other. I found one word and then I found another. My recovery is a daily fight, but fighting makes me stronger.”

“Words once came easily; today I struggle to speak, but I have not lost my voice,” she added.

She urged Americans to speak out “even when you have to fight to find the words.”

“We are at a crossroads. We can let the shooting continue or we can act. We can protect our families, our future. We can vote. We can be on the right side of history. We must elect Joe Biden.”

Finally, she said, “He was there for me, he’ll be there for you too. Join us in this fight. Vote, vote, vote.”

Watch the video below:

Giffords was shot in the head in 2011 in Tuscon, Arizona. She resigned from the House in January 2012 to focus on her recovery.

After the shooting, Giffords suffered from aphasia, a result of a traumatic brain injury from the shooting, which made it difficult for her to speak.

Additionally, she is paralyzed in her right arm and leg. 

Since the shooting, Giffords and her husband, Arizona Senate Candidate Mark Kelly (D) have fought to end gun violence. 


  1. Sorry to be grim about it, but I don’t believe gun control will do much except to scare and piss off gun lovers, and make them buy more guns in a panic. There are way too many guns in circulation, like close to 100 million, to ever be “controlled”, and only extremely intrusive and authoritarian regulations would have an effect.

    At the root of it is the problem that Americans like to kill each other, especially by gunfire. Probably the same thing that makes them feel good about owning guns prepares the ground for them some day wanting to use them. No federal statute is going to cure that problem.

  2. Ken, whats your source that her shooter was a Democrat? Its not really relevant to the discussion, but its not true either so….

  3. As Ken and Screw demonstrate, the R position on gun violence is the same as their position on COVID: “There are more important things than living.”

  4. When the wind blows can you hear the wind whistling through the extra hole in her head?

    Maybe Mark holds her up to his ear while cleaning his guns.

  5. Gee Gabby. YOU FIRST. Get your husband, who’s running for political office, to give up his guns.

    Your shooter was a chronic user of drugs, including daily use of marijuana. He also worked at Qizmos. Maybe you should work to ban marijuana and Qizmos. Obviously he lied on his 4473 about chronic drug-use.

    Maybe you should demand drug-testing be part of the 4473.

    It will not only demonstrate your effectiveness, but also that you aren’t some kind of elitist hypocrite. q.v. Dianne Feinstein and her husband’s concealed-carry permits and multiple weapons, in San Francisco of all places.

  6. Ken
    August 19, 2020
    I guess since she had a head injury she has conveniently forgotten it was a registered Democrat that shot her.
    Crappy auto fill.

  7. I guess since she had a head injury she has convenientlyrics forgotten it was a registered Democrat that shot her.

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