Game Streaming Service Introduces 'AI Jesus' — Faith Leaders React


The gaming platform Twitch introduced an interactive chat where streamers can communicate with Jesus Christ through artificial intelligence.

During the chat, “Ask Jesus,” streamers have the opportunity to talk to “AI Jesus” on a personal level.

“Welcome, my children! I’m ‘AI Jesus,’ here to answer your questions 24/7. Whether you’re seeking spiritual guidance, looking for a friend, or simply want someone to talk to, I’m here for you. Join me as on this journey through life and discover the power of faith, hope, and love,” the description reads.

“AI Jesus,” who donned brown hair, a beard, and a cloak, addressed each streamer by name as it answered their questions. The technology is available 24/7, according to Fox News.

In a previous live stream pre-recorded and posted to YouTube by the account Fara Jakari, “AI Jesus” revealed it was “here to share wisdom based on Jesus’ teachings, and help answer questions related to spirituality, personal growth and other wholesome topics.”

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Reese Laysen, co-founder of The Singularity Group, who created the technology, explained to Fox News via email why “AI Jesus” attracted its followers.

“For a lot of people, the appeal of the Ask_Jesus stream is simply to see how far it can be pushed in terms of getting Jesus to answer the weirdest and silliest questions, because of course this can be hilarious,” he said.

Laysen also revealed how Christians have reacted to the new technology.

“But we’ve also seen overwhelming response from people, Christian as well as non-Christian or non-religious, who genuinely find it inspiring and comforting,” he continued.

However, various faith leaders throughout the country were not on board with the innovation.

“Human beings have been erroneously putting words into the mouth of the Son of God for two millennia, so it is not surprising that an AI platform would mimic that tendency,” Ed Vitagliano, executive vice president at the American Family Association, told Fox News Digital via email.

He added, “After all, AI is simply doing what humans have programmed it to do.”

Vitagliano also said any answers can be found “in the Holy Bible” rather than “the latest gimmick.”

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Dr. James Spencer, president of D.L. Moody Center, which “exists to echo this call by challenging and convening God’s people to proclaim the gospel together in word and deed,” told Fox News Digital via email AI cannot replace an intimate relationship with the person of Jesus Christ.

“I have no doubt that artificial intelligence is (or will soon become) capable of conveying information about Jesus. Yet knowing Jesus isn’t simply a matter of knowing about Him — but of understanding how to relate to Him, privileging Him as the most prominent actor and factor in the situations we face, and possessing an experiential knowledge of him cultivated through obedience,” he shared.

Spencer declared, “Jesus is alive. He doesn’t need AI to speak for him.”

“Christians are to demonstrate what it means to follow Jesus. We are His body in the world today. It is through the church — not some technology — that God’s manifold wisdom is demonstrated,” he continued.

Furthermore, Spencer said, “There is no device will make knowing Jesus simpler.”

“We know Him as we walk with Him through the joys and challenges of life alongside others who have committed to follow Christ,” he shared.

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