Georgia Restaurant Charging Fee for 'Adults Unable to Parent'


A restaurant in Georgia is charging patrons a fee for “adults unable to parent” their children.

The Toccoa Riverside Restaurant in Blue Ridge has a warning to all customers who dine in with their children, according to ABC7NY.

“Adult surcharge: For adults unable to parent $$$,” the warning at the top of the menu reads.

In response to the restaurant’s fee, people have left a mix of Google reviews, ranging from people who say it has made their “list of places to try” solely because of the “policy regarding unruly children” to people complaining that the restaurant charged “for every little thing.”

“Staff was nice enough but they add a charge for every little thing,” one person wrote in a review. “Share a plate with the wife? Charged for it. Split the bill? Charged for it. Bring kids there? 50$ charge if they dare even breath.”

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“My son lives in BR and while I haven’t been to your restaurant, it just made my list of places to try solely due to the policy regarding unruly children!” another person wrote. “Take the kids elsewhere if they ain’t got ‘public manners!'”

One person wrote that “the owner came out” and informed him that a $50 fee would be added to his bill due to his “children’s behavior.”

“My kids watched a tablet until the food arrived, ate their food and my wife took them outside while I waited and paid the bill,” the person wrote, adding that he was “disappointed by the experience.”

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Another person advised people to “absolutely avoid this place at all costs” if they had children, adding that the owner “made a huge scene in front of the entire restaurant” claiming their children were running throughout the restaurant.

“They were down by the river,” the person said. “We were told we need to ‘go to Burger King and Walmart’ and that we were bad parents. They have a $50 surcharge for ‘bad children.'”

Other reviews of the restaurant include people saying they’ve had an “amazing experience” and complimenting the “beautiful view.”

“Very friendly staff, and worked hard to provide speedy service despite being understaffed,” another person wrote. “Great menu that was matched only by the view of the Toccoa River from the lower patio.”

This is not the first time a restaurant has gone viral regarding charging customers a fee. An Italian ice cream parlor received backlash after it charged customers a fee for an extra spoon.

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IJR reached out to Toccoa Riverside Restaurant for a statement but did not receive a response by the time of publication.

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