'I'm Gonna Pray for You But I'm Gonna Shoot You': Audience Cheers as Lt. Gov. Winsome Sears Owns Bill Maher's Show


Virginia Lt. Gov. Winsome Sears drew applause and laughs during an appearance on Bill Maher’s “Real Time” on Friday night.

The conservative elected official broke down the timeless reality of the right to self-defense during a segment about gun rights.

Maher and his panel were discussing a Christmas card sent by Tennessee Rep. Andy Ogles in which his family is depicted holding firearms — criticizing the photo in light of the deadly shooting at The Covenant School in Nashville, Tennessee, on Monday.

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Weapons aren’t new to the lieutenant governor — herself a United States Marine veteran.

“What’s that, the AR? I’m a Marine. I know how to use it,” Sears said.

Should it be legal to use deadly force to protect your family?

Earle-Sears pointed out that weapons such as the AR-15 are often used in legitimate instances of self-defense by Americans.

“I wouldn’t do it for Christmas, but here’s the thing.”

“If you’re breaking into my home — while I’m waiting on the police to come — I’m going to shoot you.”

Even Maher, who skews left, admitted that self-defense is simply a reality of life.

“Right. That’s why I have a gun,” the liberal admitted.

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Sears even clarified that she’d pray for the assailant threatening her — while defending her own home and personal safety.

“I’m going to pray for you, but I’m going to shoot you,” she said.

Many conservatives have pointed to Sears as a potential national talent in the movement.

The former Virginia legislator. who was born in Kingston, Jamaica, serves as second to Virginia Gov. Glenn Youngkin.

Some estimates pin as many as 20 million AR-style firearms in civilian circulation in the United States, according to Insider.

The weapon’s popularity makes the prospect of an outright ban and confiscation all but impossible, but that hasn’t stopped some progressive leftists from trying.

Texas Democrat Beto O’Rourke staked out his failed 2020 presidential campaign on the idea of forcibly confiscating semiautomatic rifles such as the AR-15 from civilians — an idea that even President Joe Biden hasn’t backed.

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