GOP Candidate Revives American Airlines Passenger Who Collapsed On Flight: Report


Pennsylvania Republican Senate candidate Dr. Mehmet Oz offered medical aid to a 27-year-old passenger on a flight from Louisville to Philadelphia.

Oz helped revive the male passenger who collapsed on Saturday during his flight on American Airlines according to Newsmax.

“I was sitting in my seat and a woman a few rows ahead of me yelled out that there was a crisis,” Oz said. “I ran to the bay and a gentleman had collapsed to the ground. He had been trying to get into the bathroom.”

The doctor-turned-political candidate went on to say, “When I got to him, he was conscious but disoriented. I asked the stewardesses to come help and get me something with sugar in it.”

After the flight attendants brought the doctor some soda with caffeine and sugar to the passenger, he reportedly became more lucid.

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“He started to sort of come back to himself,” he said. “He had a very thready pulse, so low blood pressure, and when I gave him some of this beverage, he began to feel a little better.”

The man later recovered after receiving more fluids and staying seated on the ground for about 10 minutes.

“He had driven all night long to get to the airport and I’m sure he was dehydrated because, with fluids, his blood pressure came up,” the celebrity physician said before talking about the importance of staying hydrated.

He continued, “People get dehydrated all the time on planes, especially because it’s high altitude and the air is drier… Make sure you drink enough water. Caffeine doesn’t work as well as water, because caffeine gets you to pee out whatever fluids you’re taking in. Just take water.”

Oz went on, saying dehydration is particularly easy in the summer months, “Especially because it’s summertime and it’s hot.”

He added. “I think that was part of what happened to this young man.”

The Republican went on to give credit to the plane’s crew saying, “These flight attendants were very well trained, kept their calm, and were able to help me perfectly. I want to applaud their professionalism.”

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