GOP Congresswoman Nancy Mace Reveals Her House Was Hit With 'Antifa' Vandalism


Rep. Nancy Mace said her home was vandalized with “antifa symbols” on Memorial Day.

The South Carolina Republican said in a Tuesday statement that her Charleston-area home was vandalized with black spray paint “in the early morning hours” on Monday, the second time her home has been the target of such an attack.

“Although my kids and I are thankfully fine, the criminal events at my home where I’m raising my two children are unacceptable no matter your politics,” Mace said.

“There is a significant difference between nonviolent protests, and criminal acts of intimidation and vandalism.”

She added, “We should all be able to feel safe in our homes, regardless of our political beliefs.”

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WARNING: The following tweets and video contain vulgar language that some viewers may find offensive.

Mace tweeted pictures of the vandalism from her campaign account.

Some of the black spray paint read “F*** you nancy,” “pass the pro act” and “no gods no masters all politicians are bastards.”

“Pass the Pro Act” referred to the Protecting the Right to Organize Act, which would tamp down “right-to-work” laws in 27 states, The Hill reported.

The measure was passed on a 225-206 party-line vote in the House in March, and President Joe Biden called for the Senate to pass the bill during his address to a joint session of Congress in April.

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Mace, a freshman member of Congress, said the vandalism was jarring because it was at the home where she raises her two middle-school-age children.

“I’m a single mom and this is where I’m raising my family,” she told Fox News.

“Rhetoric has reached, I think, an all-time high,” the congresswoman said. “And we’ve got to take it down a notch because real words have real consequences on real people in real life.”

She added, “It’s such a violation of one’s privacy.”

Mace also criticized Biden and others who seem to dismiss antifa as an “idea” after she found the anarchist symbol of an “A” with a circle around it among the graffiti images.

“It’s awful and it also goes to show that antifa isn’t just an ideology, you know, as some want to call it,” Mace said. “These are real people with criminal intent. There was antifa graffiti with this. [They] wreaked havoc across the United States and my house is just the latest casualty.”

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