GOP Lawmaker Believes Secret Service May Have Already ID'd the WH Cocaine Suspect


Rep. Pat Fallon of Texas has a commonsense solution for finding out who brought illegal drugs into the White House — so commonsense that it seems impossible that no one in the Biden administration has thought of it.

Then again, as the GOP congressman pointed out, it’s quite possible that the administration did think of it and is now hiding the identity of the culprit from the American public.

Fallon’s proposal comes more than a week after the Secret Service discovered a bag of cocaine in the White House on July 2.

The story has had many twists and turns.

First, it was reported that the bag was found in a White House library. Then it was reported that it was found in the West Wing lobby. Now, the official story is that the bag was found in a cubby in the West Wing basement, near where the vice presidential vehicles are parked.

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Along with criticism over the confusing reporting on where the cocaine was found, the White House has also gotten flak for spreading the lie that the Bidens were not in the building — or even in D.C. — in the days before the dope was discovered.

“As you know — and media outlets reported this — the Biden family was not here,” White House press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre told the media last week. “They were at Camp David. They were not here Friday.”

But it appears that Jean-Pierre was not telling the truth, as a Fox News pool report had noted earlier that the Bidens were in fact at the White House on Friday, June 30, two days before the cocaine was found.

So far, the administration has not announced whether it has a suspect in mind — and it doesn’t seem all that interested in finding one.

Do you think the Secret Service knows who the cocaine belonged to?

Republican Rep. Lauren Boebert of Colorado proposed a simple plan to identify the culprit.

“So let me get this straight, the White House is refusing to say whether the cocaine culprit will be arrested?” she tweeted on Thursday. “Well, I think we should drug test EVERYONE, including Joe Biden, until we know who smuggled illegal drugs into the White House.”

Like Boebert, Fallon has a simple solution and a question: Why hasn’t the Secret Service used fingerprints on the bag to ID the culprit?

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Speaking with Fox News on Monday, Fallon said he asked law enforcement officials in his home state how long it would take to retrieve fingerprints from such a bag.

“On very porous surfaces like bags and envelopes, you’ll be able to determine within an hour if there’s fingerprints on it. Within an hour!” he said.

“By my math, we’re 192 hours from the time it was discovered, and yet we don’t know. … If there [were] no fingerprints, they could have told us immediately.

“So I suspect there are fingerprints and you can run it through a database. And this was found where high-level aides and staffers are, so most of them were fingerprinted at one time or another,” Fallon added.

“So they may very well already know who it belongs to and aren’t sharing with us, and that’s my greatest concern and worry.”

One would think that Boebert and Fallon are right and that the investigation into the White House cocaine affair should be straightforward.

But it sure seems like the Biden administration is dragging its feet. Are they just hoping it will all be forgotten? And why wouldn’t they be more proactive, especially with so many assuming the drugs belonged to Hunter Biden?

One would think the administration would want to clear this up right away.

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