GOP Witness Says 'Current Evidence' Does Not Support Articles of Impeachment Against Biden – Yet


George Washington University law professor Jonathan Turley says there is not enough evidence to bring articles of impeachment against President Joe Biden — so far.

However, he argued during the House Republicans’ first impeachment hearing there is enough evidence for an impeachment inquiry.

“This is a question of an impeachment inquiry. It is not a vote on articles of impeachment,” Turley said.

He added, “In fact, I do not believe that the current evidence would support articles of impeachment. That is something that an inquiry has to establish. But I also do believe that the House has passed the threshold for an impeachment inquiry into the conduct of President Biden.”

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The hearing comes as Republicans allege there is evidence Joe Biden profited from his son’s foreign business dealings.

As conservatives will be quick to bemoan, many in the media have brushed off the allegations by claiming there is no evidence. And conservatives will point out texts from Hunter Biden that appear to suggest the president was — before taking office — somehow involved in or benefiting from his business dealings.

Now, like it or not, it does on its face appear a little dubious to assume Joe Biden had no idea his family members were raking in millions of dollars. And given human nature and politics, to some it seems inconceivable that he would just sit by, let people trade off his name to make money, and be content with his government salary.

The texts from Hunter Biden and his family’s business dealings do deserve scrutiny. However, they are not a smoking gun that shows Joe Biden was involved in or benefited from those business dealings.

Conservatives may say there is evidence, but it’s circumstantial evidence. With what Republicans have released so far, moving forward with articles of impeachment against Joe Biden would likely backfire.

And so Republicans are in kind of a pickle. If they go through the whole inquiry and determine there is not enough evidence to impeach Biden, it will likely infuriate the base.

But if they cannot find a smoking gun and 218 lawmakers vote to impeach Joe Biden, which could in theory lead to his removal from office, the American public will likely see it as a farce carried out by a relatively small group of people to attempt to remove the President of the United States —- who was duly elected by 81 million voters — just because they don’t like him in the run-up to another election.

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