Gov. Abbott Signs 'Trigger Bill,' Will Kick Into Action Once SCOTUS Overturns Roe v. Wade


Texas is ready to ban abortion in the event that the Supreme Court reverses the landmark decision that legalized the killing of unborn babies in America.

Republican Gov. Greg Abbott signed House Bill 1280 on Tuesday, setting the stage for his state to act should Roe v. Wade fall.

“The most precious freedom of all is life itself. Today I signed #HB1280. Under this law, the moment Roe v. Wade is overturned abortions will be outlawed in Texas. Texas will always foster a culture of life,” Abbott tweeted.

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“Our creator endowed us with the right to life. And yet, millions of children lose their lives every year before they are even born,” Abbott said before signing the bill.

“I am signing a law today that will save babies from the ravages of abortion. It is known as the ‘abortion trigger bill.’

“Under this law, the moment that Roe v. Wade is overturned, abortions will be outlawed in the state of Texas. Texas will continue to foster a culture of life,” Abbott said.

The law will take effect if the Supreme Court overturns Roe or if a constitutional amendment is passed giving states the authority to ban abortion, according to The Texas Tribune.

Medical professionals found violating the law could face life in prison or a $100,000 fine, the outlet reported.

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“The unborn child is the same whether the child is wanted by the mother or not wanted by the mother. The child is a member of the human species and deserves protection from the state of Texas, in our view,” said Joe Pojman, head of the Texas Alliance for Life.

“I believe all Texans deserve the opportunity to experience life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness,” state Sen. Angela Paxton, author of the accompanying “trigger” bill in the Texas Senate, said during a hearing on the measure, according to The Dallas Morning News.

In May, Texas passed what is known as a heartbeat bill that bans abortion after the heartbeat of an unborn baby is detected.

“Our creator endowed us with the right to life, and yet millions of children lose their right to life every year because of abortion,” Abbott said in signing the bill, according to The Washington Post.

“In Texas, we work to save those lives. That’s exactly what the Texas Legislature did this session.”

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