Graham Shreds Sanders for Calling Israeli PM Netanyahu a ‘Racist’: ‘Hard to Believe’

Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-S.C.) took aim at Sen. Bernie Sanders (D-Vt.) for calling Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu a “racist.”

Sanders made the remarks during the Democratic debate in Charleston, South Carolina, describing Netanyahu as a “reactionary racist” when asked about his policies toward Israel.

On Twitter, Graham went after Sanders for the remarks.

“Hard to believe that the leading candidate for the Democratic party has called the duly elected [PM of Israel] a racist,” he tweeted.

“Prime Minister [Benjamin Netanyahu] is the longest serving Prime Minister in the history of Israel and has made it his life’s work to protect the one and only Jewish state. Israel is under siege by radical Islamic elements. To fight back is not racist – it is strength and determination.”

Graham didn’t stop there, either, as he said Sanders would be “a horrible Commander in Chief” because “he doesn’t understand the threats we face and sees our military and intelligence community as far to be cut to fund his drive to socialism.”

During the debate, Sanders — who could become the first Jewish president in American history — made the case that while it was important to protect the independence and security of Israel, it was also important to have a policy that helped Palestinians.

“I happen to believe that what our foreign policy in the Mideast should be about is absolutely protecting the independence and security of Israel. But you cannot ignore the suffering of the Palestinian people,” he said. “We have got to have a policy that reaches out to the Palestinians and the Americans.”

See Sanders’ comments below:

Netanyahu pulled his punches when asked to respond to Sanders, telling reporters that he is “not intervening in the U.S. election.” Arabs in Israel have long accused Netanyahu of harboring racist views, and in 2015 he was criticized globally when he warned Israelis to get out and vote because Arabs were flocking to the polls “in droves.” Many progressive Jews applauded Sanders for his comments, though they drew criticism from moderate Democrats and Republicans alike.


  1. Bernie supports the Palestinians over Israel. He’s said so.
    He also praised the Soviet Union (remember that?) while honeymooning there yet had not a single word for the plight of the Jewish “refuseniks”.

    Bernie has an “ethnic” identity. It’s Communist and in support of murderous dictatorships. q.v. Castro, Mao, Ortega. Sure they did some “good”, but tell that to the millions who died, were tortured, and/or imprisoned.

    Fun fact: Hitler improved Germany’s economy, built a transport network that endures to this day and remains envied (so did the Romans), and conquered most of Europe. Those are good things, right Bernie? He was also a socialist dictator, though a “national” not “democratic” like you claim to your simple minded followers. How does “democratic fascism” sound? Ignore the first part.

    1. “Bernie supports the Palestinians over Israel.” I Ching


      Bernie, and a hell of a lot of others, suoport the Palestinian PEOPLE over a corrupt, racist, and VERY aggressive Israeli GOVERNMENT.

      Notice the not so subtle distiction.

      1. The “Palestinians” never existed before the 1960’s! They are nomadic losers that the neighboring Arab/Mooseslime states don’t want in THEIR countries! They became a handy tool after the Arab country’s loss of their 1967 attack on Israel.
        The Palestinians are a convenient excuse for the Jew hating Arabs to torment the good people of Israel.

        The Israeli Jews have rights to that region that dates back to well before Jesus and the Mooseslime fake Prophet Muhammad! His “Book of Hate”, aka The Koran, is full of hate towards Jews because they wouldn’t be party to Moohamad’s crusade of murder.

        You’re an ignorant idiot, General! Your lack of knowledge regarding history and religion is remarkable. Unfortunately, you’re not a singular case.

        1. Want a peaceful resolution to the conflict between Israel and the Palestinians? Force Israel’s Arab neighbors to put some flesh in the game and dedicate some of THEIR land to the Palestinians! Why does ISRAEL have to be the one that concedes?

    2. So why are you encouraging Trumpers to vote for Bernie in the primary? Is it because Trump claimed he and Kim Jung Un “fell in love”? Because Trump and Kim held hands in the DMZ? Perhaps because Trump praised el-Sissi? Duterte? MBS? Erdogan? Putin? Xi? MBS? Trump has PRAISED them ALL—and you want to be certain the next POTUS is going to be obsequious to living dictators, even if it isn’t Trump?

      1. “So why are you encouraging Trumpers to vote for Bernie in the primary?” Phyllis

        I don’t remember I Ching doing that, but if he did, I have got to bow down to the northwest. That is truly amazing.

      2. SyPhyllis is cluelessness regarding the old saw that “Keep your friends close and your enemies closer”. Perhaps President Trump should have appointed Dennis Rodman as ambassador to NK like Obama did by default. Perhaps he should continue Bill Clinton’s agreement to grant the NORKS billions of US $$$ to continue work on their nuclear research for “infrastructure” improvements.

        My God!! You liberals are stupid and ignorant!!!

  2. One should be able to understand a Communist and disgruntled Jew making such a baseless remark. Commissar “Fidel” Sanders is good at making asinine remarks. Look at all of his proposals to bankrupt the United States and not a dime being budgeted for his firing squads or concentration camps – yet.

      1. He/she is an alumni of the Fascist indoctrination camps graduating #3 in a class of two morons and one former DemocRATic politician. He/she ain’t no politician.

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