Gutfeld Predicts Possible Huge Upset in 2024: 'He Should Run as a Third-Party Candidate'


Fox News host Greg Gutfeld said Democratic presidential candidate Robert F. Kennedy Jr. should run as a third-party candidate instead of trying to win his own party’s nomination, because if he ran independently, he’d win the 2024 election.

Gutfeld made the bombshell projection Wednesday on “The Five” while discussing why Kennedy — who had a town hall on the network a day earlier — hasn’t garnered more support from Democrats despite his common-sense policy positions.

The Fox News star said Democrats are supporting the doddering Joe Biden for president instead of RKF Jr. because politics is a “team sport,” so they’re just mindlessly going along with groupthink.

“He did say two things that were interesting to me: The system is rigged and Americans are being lied to. Who does that sound like?” Gutfeld said.

“The Five” panel suggested that Kennedy’s rebuke of the entrenched Washington bureaucracy and the corporate media sounded similar to the anti-establishment rhetoric of former President Donald Trump.

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Gutfeld said while many Republicans have praised Kennedy because he’s not a left-wing extremist the way many other Democrats today are, he conceded that some conservatives are cheerleading for RFK Jr. because he could splinter his party in 2024.

“So, I mean, a lot of Republicans really do like him, but it’s probably because … he could really hurt Joe,” he said.

Kennedy, the nephew of former President John F. Kennedy and the son of former Attorney General Robert F. Kennedy, is Biden’s highest-polling rival for the Democratic nomination.

Should RFK Jr. run as a third-party candidate?

“The problem with the [Democratic] Party — and this is why I think he should run as a third-party candidate, because I do think he would win — is because his party’s radical elements, what we call the ‘woke,’ have embraced this fascist clampdown on language,” Gutfeld remarked.

While that prediction might sound like a stretch, working in Kennedy’s favor is the fact that he is viewed more favorably overall than the likely Democratic and GOP nominees.

A recent Reuters/Ipsos survey found Kennedy with 54 percent favorability compared with 41 percent for Biden and 40 percent for Trump.

Gutfeld pointed out how ironic it is that liberals — who birthed the free speech movement in 1964 — now rabidly champion censorship of views they don’t like.

“If you have opinions that aren’t accepted by that group, they will come after you. They will try to destroy you,” the Fox News host said. “It’s one of the most substantial political and moral flips in history, recent history, where the party that fueled the free speech movement is now fueling its opposite. It’s incredible.

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“I mean, they talk about the banning of books … They are constantly targeting people for speech, for language, opinions, all the time.”

Gutfeld also praised RFK Jr. for his analysis of the Ukraine-Russia war: He said the U.S. is callously using Ukraine to engage in a proxy war against Russia.

“I thought his analysis of the [Ukraine-Russia] war was dead-on,” he said. “We don’t talk about the war that much anymore because there’s not a lot of good news coming out of there. It’s hard for conservative Republicans and, you know, to admit that America has a role in this happening.”

Just like the Democrats’ absurd reversal on free speech, the once anti-war party is now cheerleading for endless U.S. involvement in foreign wars.

“Twenty years ago, I wouldn’t buy into it. But the world has changed. And he’s challenging my assumptions,” Gutfeld said of Kennedy’s anti-war stance.

“And I think he’s in a weird way, another flip, you’re seeing Republicans who are becoming anti-war and Democrats pro-war.”

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