'Is That a Threat?': Gutfeld Reacts to Co-Host Saying 'HR Watches This' After His Comment Gets Him in Hot Water


Greg Gutfeld and Jessica Tarlov, two of the co-hosts on Fox News’ “The Five” Monday night, got into an amiable argument on the program that revolved around “conspiracy theories” on the right and the left in the wake of Elon Musk’s purchase of Twitter.

A lot of unfounded conspiracy theories regarding David DePape, the apparently deranged man who attacked Paul Pelosi during a home invasion last week, have been floated on the social media platform, and Tarlov wanted to set the record straight about some of them.

“When Elon Musk weighed in on the cospriacy theories about DePape … the guy who broke into Paul Pelosi and Nancy Pelosi’s house, had zip ties with him, beat him in the head with a hammer, right?” she said. “And Elon Musk replied to a Hillary Clinton tweet about this, promoting complete lies about what had happened.”

“So did Hillary,” Gutfeld interrupted.

Musk’s tweet has since been deleted, but the former first lady’s Saturday afternoon tweet remained on Twitter as of early Wednesday morning:

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Gutfeld’s point was that Musk’s tweet was a joke, trolling Clinton for promoting a ridiculous conspiracy theory by posting another ridiculous conspiracy theory.

Did Gutfeld go too far?

Tarlov described what DePape told authorities he planned to do to Nancy Pelosi, which Gutfeld agreed was “pretty horrible.”

Musk “was spreading lies” about the attack, Tarlov said about his tweet.

“So was [Clinton],” Gutfeld responded. “That’s the joke.”

“It’s not a joke,” Tarlov said. “Why did he take it down, then?”

“Look at you,” Gutfeld responded. “You are getting too emotional about this. You should be enjoying the [free] speech.”

“Just because I’m [speaking] at a higher pitch than you doesn’t mean I’m more emotional; it’s just estrogen,” she responded.

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When co-host Jesse Watters pointed out what Gutfeld had said, Tarlov said, “HR watches this, by the way.”

“Oh, is that a threat?” Gutfeld responded. “Good for you.”

The show went into a few seconds a battle between the sexes but ended in an obviously good-natured way when Tarlov joked, “I’m not coming back for the D block [segment].”

You can watch the exchange here:

Yesterday, DePape pleaded not guilty to the “litany of crimes, including assault, attempted murder and attempted kidnapping,” with which he had been charged by the state, CNN reported.

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