Gutfeld Shreds '80-Year-Old White Hag' Joy Behar After Host Took Shots at Black Republicans


In response to one leftist commentator’s bashing of black Republicans, Greg Gutfeld held nothing back.

In a recent segment on his show “Gutfeld!”, the Fox News host took aim at Joy Behar, co-host of ABC’s “The View,” after she attacked Republican presidential candidate Tim Scott, who is black.

Behar likened Scott to Clarence Thomas, whom she portrayed as a black man who did not truly understand the challenges facing black Americans today, nor does he understand the “systemic” racism pervading American society. That is why he is a Republican, according to her.

Gutfeld fired back, saying that it was pretty rich to see an old white woman, especially one who has appeared in blackface, to be lecturing black people about anti-black racism.

“Thank you for explaining to us what it’s like to be black in America, you 80-year-old white hag who once wore blackface”, Gutfeld said.

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Gutfeld is spot-on with this assessment here. The left always says that we need to listen to the “lived experiences” of black Americans, but here we have a white woman saying that a black American does not understand what it’s like to be black, just because he does not agree with her politics.

Apparently, the “lived experience” only applies to blacks who accept the left’s racial grievance narrative.

Gutfeld also pointed out that this shows that the left will demonize people if they are in any way conservative, even if they are not like Donald Trump, regardless of their background.

Do you agree with Gutfeld?

“Don’t think that if Trump’s out of the picture, those ‘Never Trumpers’ are going to return to the fold. No, they still hate you for liking Trump,” he said, “They want to destroy you as much as they want to destroy the candidates.”

This is the point. The left’s constant demonization and harassment of conservatives has nothing to do with Trump, and more to do with the fact that they cannot tolerate any dissent from their worldview.

Trump was merely a representative of everything that they revile, and if he were to drop out of the presidential race tomorrow and retire from politics, the left would still go after conservatives. It is not any one individual they hate, it is conservatives generally.

As Gutfeld’s segment shows, this is especially true when the person in question is a member of a minority community that the left has claimed as its own, such as black people. It is these people who receive the worst leftist abuse.

And again, even if you are no fan of Trump or his brand of conservatism, the fact that you disagree with the leftist worldview makes you a hateful creature in the eyes of the left.

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To the left, there is absolutely no room for dissent from the prevailing orthodoxy.

This is why Republicans cannot afford to back down from the fight. Republicans need to stand up for their beliefs because the left has no intention of ever ceding any ground.

Conservatives should stop trying to appease the left and start standing up for conservative principles.

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