Rep. Hakeem Jeffries Slams Trump’s Overtures to Ukraine: ‘America’s National Security is for Sale’

During a speech on the Senate floor on Monday, Congressman Hakeem Jeffries (D-N.Y.) slammed President Donald Trump’s overtures to Ukraine, saying that “America’s national security is for sale.”

Jeffries, who is one of the most powerful politicians in the House because of his role as chair of the House Democratic caucus, asked senators, “If we allow the president’s misconduct to stand, what will we say to the 68,000 men and women in Europe right now who courageously and admirably wake up every day ready and willing to fight for America’s security and prosperity?”

He continued later, “What message do we send them when we say ‘America’s national security is for sale’? That cannot be the message that we want to send to our Ukrainian friends or our European allies or to our children and our grandchildren who will inherit this precious Republic.”

Jeffries added, “And I’m sure it is not the message you wish to send to our adversaries.”

Watch the video below:

Jeffries has been a rising star in the Democratic party for years and that future has only brightened as he has fulfilled his role as one of the seven House impeachment managers. In that role, he has argued the case for impeachment alongside other notable congressmen, Adam Schiff (D-Calif.) and Jerry Nadler (D-N.Y.). Arguing in support of the president was famed O.J. Simpson lawyer Alan Dershowitz and White House counsel.

Though the Senate is sure to acquit Trump and is not even expected to hear from witnesses, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) has been pleased with the performance of the impeachment managers.

During a press conference last week, Pelosi said that the managers have been “magnificent custodians of the Constitution.” She added later that “by dint of their content, their presentation, their historic perspective, and their tone. They have made us all proud and I’ve told our colleagues, they give us a magnificent example to follow.”


  1. “Please explain why the House Managers did not go to court to get him to testify? They had the chance.” Green Friend

    Did you not listen to the reason when it was given? If you had, you would be less confused, now. You could also have searched for the answer yourself.

    The House was under pressure to get the impeachment over fairly quickly. If you recall, the Bill Clinton impeachment over a lie was about 4 years long, but we were approaching an election year, this time. A congressional subpoena issued to former White House counsel Don McGahn had been in litigation for almost a year. Bolton refused to testify while the McGahn subpoena was still undecided. Bolton WANTED to testify, COULD have testified regardless, like others already had, but he was a chickenshit.

    Time was running out.

    Are you less confused now, Green Friend?

    “Your name says it all.” Green Friend

    Why thank you, my friend! Every little bit of support around here helps.

  2. One of the many things the American people were deprived of was John Bolton testifying under oath about the assertion in his book that WH Counsel Cipollone and Chief Trump impeachment defense attorney, was present at the meeting when Trump asked Bolton to contact Zelinsky to arrange for Rudy to meet with him. Come on! Who would not pay to see that moment?? Cipollone questioning Bolton! Is the book accurate or not?

    1. Please explain why the House Managers did not go to court to get him to testify? They had the chance.

  3. King Donald The Loser is already selling our military services to the hightest bidder, countries such as Saudi Arabia. He even brags about this.

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