Harris Urges Black Americans ‘Let’s Not Let COVID Get Us’

U.S. Vice President Kamala Harris urged Black Americans on Wednesday to get the coronavirus vaccine as studies show Blacks and Hispanics are lagging in COVID-19 vaccinations.

“Let’s not let COVID get us. Let’s get the vaccine instead, right?” Harris said in excerpts from an MSNBC interview. “Let’s not let this thing get us.”

Harris’ comments came as President Joe Biden’s administration announced the distribution of 25 million masks to vulnerable populations and hard-hit communities.

“We know black people are disproportionately likely to contract the virus and die from it,” Harris said. “We know when you look at who the frontline workers are, who is the most at risk disproportionately, we are talking about people of color.”

(Reporting by Doina Chiacu; editing by Jonathan Oatis)


  1. She is not black but like Rachael Dolezal claims to be, what are they both ?, well I’ll leave that up to your interpretation. 🐀🐀

  2. Advice from a black poi who said last year that she wouldn’t take it because a white Pres who she hated advised it, but now this white Pres. is pushing it so it’s OK?

  3. VP, I don’t think Blacks trust the vaccine and I’m sure most White’s don’t either. The COVID19 has been more deadly to Blacks than Whites and I think that is why CCP made it that way because CCP is having problems with Blacks from Africa that are working in China. Bottom line: be sure to get the 2 shot vaccine.

  4. Here we go…Us vs Them. I was hoping we could get at least a hundred days into this administration before this crap started. Guess they were over anxious and started early.

    1. Let them have the vaccine. Any white person who gets that shot is a FOOOOOOL! The MSM refuses to report on the thousands of deaths and even higher numbers of major adverse reactions to this garbage vaccine. Let the idiot leftists get their covid shot. Also, DO NOT let them test you either. The test swabs have been found to contain “contaminants” that will GIVE YOU THE VIRUS!!!!

        1. He is among the people who flock to conservative disinformation sites, such as The Western Journal.

          Another very influential group doling out this kind of disinformation are the many Christian Nationalist preachers mostly evangelicals. They have a flock already programed to believe literally anything and the preachers give it to them each week.

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