Harvard Students Take Pause From Defending Hamas for Revolting 'Sex Week' of Events and Workshops


Attending college can be exhausting these days, especially at elite Ivy League institutions like Harvard University.

But it’s not working out complicated physics problems, studying philosophy or being exposed to the Classical civilization that are wearing out the students. Harvard students are busy supporting radical left causes like the barbaric terrorist organization of Hamas or advocating “reparations for black people, pro-masking and pro-vaccine propaganda, anti-Christian and anti-Jewish blasphemy and the steal of the future elections,” according to Headline USA.

After a far-left ideologue marathon like this, Harvard students are in need of something fun, something devilish. How about “Sex Week”? If the students have any self-respect left after all the exhausting radical left indoctrination, “Sex Week” should snuff out the last of it.

The Sexual Education by Harvard College Students organization holds “Sex Week,” where “sex educators” come to campus “to lead interdisciplinary, scholastic, and highly engaging workshops,” according to the SEHCS website. How’s a lesson in “Anal 101” or a “Strap-On Workshop” sound?

It sounds like a ticket on the fast train to hell. And, as Joe Biden is fond of saying, that’s “Not a joke.”

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The SEHCS was founded in 2012, according to The Daily Caller. At over a decade old, it’s safe to say the event has already sacrificed a fair number of young people to the infernal regions of the bottomless pit.

This year, the demonic festivities have been scheduled for Oct. 30 to Nov. 5, according to the website. There’s something for everyone, including “Caring for Your Coochie: Healthy Vulvovaginal Practices,” “I Can See Queerly Now: Demystifying LGBTQIA+ Intimacy” and “A Different Toy Story: Sex Toys 101.”

A SEHCS Instagram post sums up the organization’s beliefs with, “In Sex We Trust. We believe in providing students with the education and resources necessary to lead a healthy, positive sex life!”


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The play on “In God We Trust” isn’t just for fun. It’s intentionally designed to undermine the foundations of Western civilization — the pursuit of truth that leads to God. Radical leftists want to watch all of that burn.

According to the SEHCS website, “Every year, we’re lucky to host workshops and presentations with educators from around the country. The Sex Week ‘sexperts’ do a fabulous job teaching our community about topics that range from ‘getting cliterate,’ to the philosophy of porn, to body positivity during intimacy, and so much more.”

The “philosophy of porn” is the theology of the damned. Whatever happened to contemplating Plato’s conception of the good or Socrates’ ideas on justice? What about St. Augustine’s thoughts on God?

It’s exquisitely ironic that Harvard was founded as a Christian school, “for the sake of educating the clergy and raising up a Christian academic institution to meet the needs of perpetuating the Christian faith,” according to the Christian Heritage Fellowship.

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Today, “Everywhere is Darkness” may as well be Harvard’s motto.

If you’re thinking about where to send your kid to college, consider an Ivy League school like Harvard where he or she, “could be sitting in class with these students, watching children brutally murdered, raped, kidnapped and their mutated bodies torn apart by a jeering crowd – and hear why it’s justified,” as Yael Bar tur posted on X.

After class, they could learn how to degrade both body and spirit in an event sponsored by sexual product companies like “Boy Butter, Condomania, EmojiBator Vibrators and BananaPants.”

There’s a good chance the kids who left as “he” or “she” won’t come back that way after a semester or two. They likely might come back as “they” or “it,” seething with hate for you and all you stand for.

If this doesn’t appeal to you, maybe you should talk your kid out of going to college for a time. Higher ed is very expensive and infested with people full of evil intentions.

Why would anyone pay for that?



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