'Healthy' 28-Year-Old Man Dies Suddenly at Home Four Months After Wedding Day


Death is a tragic inevitability in life, but that’s of little comfort to those grappling with its consequences.

All of the comfort and well wishes in the world can sometimes feel like a pittance in those scenarios, and that downward feeling can be exacerbated when there is a mystery or distinct lack of information involved.

Sadly, that is the scenario in which Rebecca Duca of Malta found herself after the untimely death of her husband.

As the Times of Malta reported, Jeanluke Galea Duca was found dead on Tuesday, a mere four months after marrying his childhood sweetheart.

The report said his wife had tried to contact Duca “late in the morning” on Tuesday and did not receive a response. Jeanluke was working from home at the time.

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Naturally, as any concerned wife would do, Rebecca went looking for Jeanluke — and found him dead in their home. She was with her father at the time, the Times reported.

Sheldon Scicluna, a friend, shared these details with the Times while lamenting the complete lack of sense surrounding Jeanluke’s death.

“He was a healthy man,” Scicluna said. “He did not smoke and he exercised regularly. That’s why we can’t accept it. I will never forget him. His loss is huge.”

Scicluna took to social media to express his deep sorrow at his friend’s untimely passing.

“I was not of blood, but for me I was more than that,” Scicluna said, according to Google Translate.

Rebecca Duca also mourned her husband on social media.

“You have always treated me like a queen,” she said, per Google Translate.

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Rebecca and Jeanluke were married on June 18, according to the Times.

Duca got further tributes and an outpouring of love from Heartcore+, a fitness group on Facebook of which he was a member. Naturally, this lends further credence to the fact that Jeanluke was a healthy young man who had no business dying before even hitting his 30s.

Duca’s death comes at a time of significant concern and questions surrounding a rash of seemingly healthy young people dying. Army and Navy SEAL recruits, athletes and more have died suddenly without any answers. It’s more than enough to raise an eyebrow or two.

But perhaps the most heart-wrenching part of this tragedy is a little detail that Rebecca Duca shared with the Times.

“Just this morning, I told you ‘Ciao sweetheart, I love you.’ Who would have told me this would be our final goodbye?” she said. Her response was to a simple favor that her husband had asked of her before she left for work that day: Just stay a little longer.

Hold your loved ones tight. You never know what your last words to them will be.

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