The Very First Film From the Obamas Production Company Wins an Oscar

Less than a month after former First Lady Michelle Obama won a Grammy for the audiobook of her best-selling memoir “Becoming,” the Obamas production company won an Oscar for the best documentary feature.

The film, “American Factory,” was the very first film produced by the Obamas company — Higher Ground Productions. American Factory traces the livelihoods of workers at a General Motors plant in Ohio who lose their jobs in the plant but then get work at the same plant after it’s re-opened by a Chinese company.

In a Sunday night tweet, Barack Obama congratulated the filmmakers behind the documentary, calling American Factory a “complex, moving story about the very human consequences of wrenching, economic change.”

The Obamas launched Higher Ground productions in 2018 and soon partnered with Netflix. That deal angered President Donald Trump, who complained that the House Judiciary Committee should “look at the Obama book deal, or the ridiculous Netflix deal.”

Over the summer, the Obamas sat down with the directors of American Factory in a Washington, D.C., cafe near their house to explain what they’re hoping for with their new company.

In the clip, Michelle Obama says that they chose American Factory because “you let people tell their own story.”

Later in the clip, the former first lady adds, “One of the many things that I love about this project is that it’s not an editorial. I mean, you truly let people speak for themselves.”

Unsurprisingly, politics were on the stage at the Oscars.

The most vocal celebrity was Brad Pitt who told the crowd in his acceptance speech, “They told me that I only had 45 seconds up here, which is 45 seconds more than the Senate gave John Bolton this week. I’m thinking maybe Quentin [Tarantino] does a movie about it, and in the end the adults do the right thing.”


  1. Will this country EVER be done with these two? Those who didn’t vote for them tolerated the 8 years they turned this country into a whole new world of whiners and haters.

  2. Another participant trophy for the Obama’s!!! First a Nobel Peace Prize for participating in even more wars than he stepped into, then allowing her SOS Hillary to run guns via Libya into Syria.
    Now an Oscar for contributing to the delinquency of more liberals and further corruption of the innocent.

  3. And the Academy wins an award for their performance at choking on a short one!

  4. As William has pointed out this film does what? Point out that Americans can’t get things done and we should bow to our CCP masters?

    Imagine if the Obozos used their “celebrity” to make a film celebrating Americans and their accomplishments. Worse, let them point out the trade thefts, tariffs, and the CCP’s goal, under Xi, to overtake the US by whatever means possible. q.v. the “Thousand Talents” spy and technology theft program.

  5. I’m shocked neither of the Obozos showed up at the Oscars. They love them some spotlight.

    The Oscars are a public-masturbation of rich, self-congratulating people who celebrate films people mostly do not watch. Ever see their swag bags? Hmm…why isn’t that money spent on their “causes”?

  6. Want to win an Oscar? Just do 2 things and your guaranteed a win. 1. Attack American Company’s and investor’s. 2. Praise Communist China. Oh, and being an Obama don’t hurt either.

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