Hogan Gidley: Trump’s Final Days in Office Got a ‘Black Eye’ After Capitol Riot

Former White House Deputy Press Secretary Hogan Gidley is weighing on President Donald Trump’s final days before he left office.

Gidley, who became the press secretary for Trump’s reelection campaign, spoke with Alex Wagner for Showtime’s “The Circus” where Wagner suggested Trump is “going to be remembered for, the final act of his presidency, is a white supremacist mob storming the Capitol and trying to kill lawmakers.”

In response, Gidley said, “Look, there are a lot of things in that administration that happened in four years that people are going to try point to as one seminal thing,” before Wagner added, “He’s getting impeached for a second time for this thing.”

“I’m just trying to point out the fact that, he accomplished a lot from a policy standpoint, he was a lightning rod from a personality standpoint,” the former White House aide said.

He, however, added, “There’s no question this last little bit was a black eye.”

Gidley also said that he does not know if Trump “regrets anything or not,” in how the now-former president handled it.

Watch Gidley’s interview below:

Pro-Trump protesters stormed the U.S. Capitol on Jan. 6.

This came right after Trump spoke at a rally in Washington, D.C., where he suggested they “walk down to the Capitol” to “cheer on our brave senators and congressmen and women, and we’re probably not going to be cheering so much for some of them.”

Trump added, “Because you’ll never take back our country with weakness. You have to show strength, and you have to be strong.”

The former president also said at the time, “We will never give up. We will never concede. It doesn’t happen. You don’t concede when there’s theft involved.”

After the riot, Trump condemned the violence, saying in a video message, “I am outraged by the violence, lawlessness, and mayhem,” adding, “We have just been through an intense election and emotions are high, but now tempers must be cooled and calm restored.”

He has claimed that “people thought that what I said was totally appropriate” at the rally.

Since the riot, the House of Representatives voted to impeach Trump for the second time, charging him with “incitement of insurrection.” The Senate is expected to begin the impeachment trial the week of Feb. 8.


  1. Has there been action taken over the shooting death of the unarmed woman by the police or doesn’t it matter because she was White?

    1. Yes. I believe she has been buried.

      While she was unarmed, she also participated in illegal activity, an insurection that resulted in the death of other people, that threatened the lives of many others.

      That is illegal, whatever your race. Some would say she got what she deserved. I would not diagree with any of them.

  2. He who laughs last laughs best. Trump has been named President by the final and utmost judge. When God says Trump will be President, He means it. Watch your calendars in early March. Biden’s illegitimate administration can’t impeach a flea. Anything he does is overruled and will be gone. When rats think they pulled one over on is, they are emboldened amd don’t even see the trap they are stepping into. 1871 – Read it.

    1. Oh no Jill….You’re A QAnon crazy! Dems are baby eaters and Mango Mussolini was sent here by God. Sounds like Choo Choo is one too. Did you cry Jill when nothing happened at the inauguration?? One day you will realize you’ve been duped. Hopefully it’s before your life is really screwed. BTW. Stay away from pizza parlors..

    2. Jill, You appear grossly misinformed. First off the Biden administration is (1) NOT illegitimate and (2) NOT impeaching anyone. As per the U.S. Constituttion, impeachment is a Congressional action, not an executive branch action.

      You want us to believe what the anonymous QAnon leader tells you when he has told you so many far fetched things that have proven to be false.–Comet Ping Pong basement not only did not have a child sex ring run by Hillary and Podesta, the building structure did not even have a basement. The “1871” letter was composed by a priest that previously told you COVID-19 was a hoax. Over 414,000 deaths have occurred in the U.S. from Covid-19. So, WHY would you not wish to fact check what information QAnon are provided??

      WHAT is the basis for your belief that God selects the POTUS? I don’t blame God for the election of a very corrupted and emotionally immature man in 2016 and I don’t credit God for the election of Joseph R. Biden in 2020. God helps those that help themselves—He does not select elected officials. WHY do you believe we have elections?

    3. “When God says Trump will be President, He means it.” Jill

      So, that means that She must also have meant for the first black president to get elected, too, then, right, Jill?

  3. There were 2 buses from Southern PA who went to DC. They have a very different take from first hand observation. Two buses pull up and much younger people unload equipped with clubs, what appeared to be gas masks and of course hoodies. It’s easy to believe that Pelosi and her band of angry old men began planning this the minute Biden….cough cough….won.

    1. Yes! Those were not Trump people. They were paid antifa people. There photos cross reference on social media to antifa. Caught!

    2. Regardless of whether there were two busses or none full of antifa people, the two thousand crazies who stormed the capitol were right wingers.

    3. Which of the arrests confirms for you what the Southern PA bus riders have told you? Q Shaman, Tam Pham, Jennifer Ryan, Samuel Camargo, Larry Brock, Garret Miller? Did they see a license plate on the buses to identify where the riders with” gas masks and of course hoodies” disembarked? Did they report the “much younger people” with clubs, gas masks and of course hoodies to law enforcement?

      HOW is it easy to believe Pelosi, et al., began planning this the minute Biden won?? WHO convinced Trump that VP Pence COULD overturn the election results? WHO convinced Hawley and Cruz that they could delay the constitutional requirement for Congress to certify the electoral college results that had been certified by each state? You find it easy to believe that was Pelosi? SHE convinced a crowd of Trumpsters to chant “Hang Mike Pence” and “Kill Pelosi”??? That sounds totally absurd to those of us that live in reality.

  4. Only because the media painted him as the catalyst …which was BS. Point to the statement that connects to him to the violet actions that day…. Why not paint the violence seen over the summer to the Democrats. The very party that supported and helped fund it by providing bail for the violent ones.

    They totally ignore the fact that THOUSANDS were outside in a festive mood. The ones that actually were violent were a handful. the photos clearly show many standing around. Do they ignore the fact that they were LET INSIDE?????

    The media twisted the facts and kept claiming five died….yet three from medical issues..one from a clueless panicked Capital Police Officer that decided to shoot and kill someone coming through a ….where many others did the same and were ignored… Was Nancy Pelosi’s nameplate that much of a national security issue?

    Even the FBI had to admit that their initial assessment was baseless and walked it back.

    “”Federal authorities said Friday that there is “no direct evidence of kill and capture teams” among the Capitol rioters, walking back claims outlined in court documents that attackers sought to apprehend and “assassinate elected officials.”””

    Apparently the FBI gets its intel from the media handlers.

    1. ”Federal authorities said Friday” Robert

      Yes, Robert, the LAST Friday of President Who’s? regime. They would say anything wouldn’t they.

  5. That white supremacy crap is just that crap, a nonsense narrative of the left, Also many of the people inside were democrats we are finding out which means this was a set up by the left

  6. Anyone else having trouble loading the news-portal page?

    It looks as if IJR was quietly switched back to a .com domain. Thanks for the heads-up, IJR.

  7. “a white supremacist mob storming the Capitol” Hogan Gidley

    Violence is ALWAYS and INEVITABLY the result when you feed division based on race, class, and supremacy. President Who? got burnt when he poked that fire. The same goes for turning a human into some sort of deity. That can’t end well. Y’all should know that.

    If you don’t study and learn from history, you will repeat mistakes made by others.

  8. Only a moron with standards lower than the Mariana Trench would think THE TRAITOR did any good.

    1. Except builds a booming economy….and provide the solution to the pandemic thast is now the centerpiece of Biden’s Covid Policy…..

      Biden’s plan??

      Biden says ‘There is nothing we can do to change the trajectory of the pandemic in the next several months,’ after promising to stop COVID…but wait. Thought he had all the answers????

      Or..Biden’s No. 1 priority: Stop the spread of the coronavirus
      President Biden signed 10 pandemic-related executive orders on Thursday. Mask wearing during travel will now be a federal mandate. Mr. Biden has also directed FEMA to set up vaccination centers and establish a Health Equity Task Force to support minority communities.

      Masks…everyone was wearing them. Isn’t that why they claimed the flu was not an issue this season??But wait…he was the first one along with his family to violate his own order. Will he start a “Mask Police Force”????

      So his plan is…use the tools Trump put in place to solve the issue.

      1. If trump provided the solution, why wasn’t it solved?

        Trump did squat to get a vaccine.

      2. The Covid situation that Biden Inherited was a sh*t show. Mango did nothing to help the American people. What we have now is ON HIS WATCH!! Mango won’t be impeached because of the useless republican senators but trust me, mango will get his just due!

    2. Wow….even the Democrats can’t get their outrage in order.

      Newsweek even is calling them out..

      Democrats Outraged About Right-Wing Violence Largely Silent as Portland DNC HQ Vandalized
      BY NICOLE FALLERT ON 1/21/21 AT 1:05 PM EST

      Top Democrats who have been outspoken about far-right violence were silent when leftist extremists vandalized the Portland, Oregon headquarters of the Democratic Party on Wednesday.

      Vocal members from the Democratic Party—including Congresswomen Cori Bush, Ayanna Pressley and Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, President Joe Biden, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer—have not publicly condemned the vandalism to their party’s Portland headquarters. Democratic Portland Mayor Ted Wheeler has also remained silent. They, among other Democrats, previously condemned far-right extremists activities, especially the riot at the U.S. Capitol Building on Jan. 6.

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