Sunny Hostin Claims if Latinos 'Really Care' About Political Issues They Are Democrats


“The View” co-host Sunny Hostin seems confused about why Latino voters would back Republican candidates.

During a segment of the show on Friday, co-host Ana Navarro tore into Republican governors for transporting migrants from border states to other parts of the country.

“Republicans talk every day against communism, and against socialism. And yet they have no conscience and no qualms about using victims of communism and socialism as political pawns and a political stunt to get the base out,” she said.

Navarro added, “That is inhumane. It is unconscionable. It is heartless. It is cruel. And I will tell you what it is not. It is not Christian!”

Watch the video below:

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Hostin chimed in, “That’s what’s so interesting to me that there are so many Latinos that vote Republican because they vote against their own self-interest.”

“If you really are interested in these types of issues, then you’re a Democrat,” she added.

This is a bizarre claim.

There is this notion out there that Latino voters should back Democrats. Otherwise, they’re not really voting in their own interest.

But every voter can decide what is in their own self-interest — that is a key part of the definition of self-interest.

It is not what’s best for someone else.

Hostin may not like the policies of Republicans. But if Latino voters believe their policies will help them, then they are voting in favor of their self-interest.

Perhaps Latino voters genuinely do not like the immigration policies advanced by the Democrats, or their economic policies, or their social policies.

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To view the Hispanic community as one monolithic bloc that shares the same policy views and vision is a mistake. Just as with any demographic, there is a wide array of opinions among Latino voters across the country.

And to suggest that they either do not really care about the issues or do not know what’s best for them is insulting.

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