Sunny Hostin Claims Lizzo Playing James Madison's Flute Is the 'Promise of America'


The greatest controversy of our time is still being discussed by very serious pundits.

The meaning of rapper Lizzo’s playing a crystal flute owned by James Madison must be analyzed, dissected, and argued about until we collectively as a nation agree on what it means for the United States and, frankly, the world.

And on Friday, the co-hosts of ABC’s “The View” boldly ventured into the most sensitive and controversial issue of our time.

“I think part of it that makes history so fantastic is that now we have the first African American woman, her name is Carla Hayden, she’s the first African American and first woman to lead the Library of Congress. And that makes it, I think, history of course,” co-host Sunny Hostin said.

She went on to note some conservatives have argued that Lizzo playing the flute and twerking degrades history before adding, “James Madison owned 100 slaves, so that’s a degradation of history. I think this is kind of a full-circle moment for American history.”

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Watch the video below:

Finally, Hostin said, “This is the promise of America, to have a slave’s ancestor playing the 200-year [old] flute.”

In case you missed it, during a performance on Tuesday, Lizzo was handed the 200-year-old flute and proceeded to play a few notes while twerking.

Do you think this was disrespectful?

“I just twerked and played James Madison’s crystal flute from the 1800s,” she declared. “We just made history tonight.”

Lizzo, who happens to be a classically trained flautist, also played the flute in another video, with more clothing on this time, which was apparently not seen as so controversial.

The first video sparked outrage among conservatives who argued it was a depraved performance and disrespectful to history.

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Yes, the flute is very old and historic — it is believed to have been saved by First Lady Dolley Madison in 1814 before the British burned the White House. But is it an atrocious crime against our country and an egregious act worthy of such outrage? Absolutely not.

In fact, it is just another example against the claim America is an unredeemable racist, misogynist country.

Just a month ago, Lizzo was on stage declaring she was oppressed. Now, she is scantily clad, parading on stage and playing a 200-year-old flute few people have had the ability to play.

It’s not as though she stripped down, broke the flute, and screamed, “F*** you, James Madison!” In fact, you could tell this was something special that she was really excited about.

And if this incident gets the left to admit that the United States is a country where race does not define your future or your life — where you can be Black and enjoy the same opportunities as white people and be incredibly successful — then that’s a good thing.

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